Case of the Monday’s

I usually have Monday off. However I worked for someone else who needed the day off.  Yuck. I was so tired.  After work I went to fit club and did ab attack. We did some work on the exercise balls.  After that I went to the pool.  I had ordered a pair of Barracuda predator goggles, and tried them out today.  A typical pool swim, I wear Swedish goggles.  They are the best. Small, cheap, and work … [Read more...]

It’s a beautiful morning

The day couldn't get any better.  After finding the garmin, I went out and ran.  I went from my house down W. Washington.  (side note) Any one know what was happening @ the SHG track?  I crossed  Veterans, went back up by fit club, and across old Jack.  Made a stop back in fit club, about mile 7,  to refill my H20 .  Finished 10.2 miles. I made a protein shake, did a set of sit ups.  I better go … [Read more...]

Lost and found

I thought my running and my life was over when I lost my garmin.  I couldn't eat, or sleep.  OK so it was not that bad.  Friday I managed to go to Washington park.  Since I missed speed work this week I decided to do hills.  I did a lap around for warm up, then started attacking the hill.  I did 6 repeats on the long hill up to the shelter.  After the hills i did another lap around to cool down.  … [Read more...]

Another brick in the wall

Tuesday, I joined Kelly's Abe's group for an easy 4.5 mile run. Felt Great, since I hadn't ran since Satuday. Wednesday I did 15miles on the bike, small chain. I needed to ride, it had been like a week. I got home changed into my running shoe's and headed out the door. I ran from my house to Washington park. Oh my gosh it was hot. I think it was like 90 something.  I was more drenched when I … [Read more...]

Hospital Hill

I was in Kansas city this past weekend.  Beautiful city.  A friend and I decided we would run the Hospital hill 10K while I was there.  There was also a 5K as well as a Half marathon.  We got our packets on Friday.  This is why I love big races. Cool stuff. I got an awesome blue dry fit shirt, visor, chap stick, and a few other goodies.  The race started at 0700.  We got there around 0630. The … [Read more...]


Monday was a day of rest.  Not even a weight was lifted.  My Dad was headed back to Gulf shores the next day, so I ate dinner with My step mom and him.  Oh yeah they took my children with them! Now everyone asks, "Won't you miss them?"  Well yes I will but, I know they will have a blast swimming and playing all day with Grandpa.  I also enjoy the break.  So Tuesday before work I did a tempo run of … [Read more...]

Forgivin and forgotten

Well I would like to say how well I did at the biathlon, but I made a rookie mistake.  I usually don't have to take my bike apart to put it on my car, but I had my dad's jeep. I took the front wheele off, and left the skewer sitting on the garage floor. I now know, thanks to Dan, that it's a quick release. Duh.  I didn't realize I left it until around 0700. I would never have made it home and … [Read more...]

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Hamstrings a little tight from Wednesday night track work out.  It was so nice out Thursday and I knew it would rain Friday so I went to the park anyway.  I Did the 2.5 loop around the park to warm up, then I did repeates on the long hill that goes behind the Carillon.  Then a cool down. I totaled 5.5 miles.  I was headed to fitclub South.  was going to do some longer intervals in the pool. I … [Read more...]

Big Dance Wednesday.

When is the last time anyone went to big dance Wednesday?  I don't know if they still have it.  I just couldn't think of a name for my post tonight, so I will try and make it relevant.  I went to 1600  powerzone at fit club. Great weight workout tonight with Amanda.  Kids were with their Dad signing up for football!  I was so psyched to go to the back on track work out with Katie Mac at SHG.  We … [Read more...]

open water swim

No I didn't go to the lake today. I would have froze.  It is almost June, Right?  I went to fit club a little later than usual tonight.  I did my Mile swim. I usually swim every fourth lap fast, but deceided to swim a faster pace consistenly. I finished the mile in about 28 min.  While I was swimming a water aerobics class began.  Now I am not saying anything bad. I think it is great that people … [Read more...]