Oh What Fun it is to Run!

It was a beautiful morning with the light snow from the night before.  Steven and I decided to go for a run on the trail.  I wore my Yaks because I wasn't sure how slick the trail would be.  I hadn't been on the trail since they redid it.  It was great, I think it adds at least a mile to the trail.  We finished at the Office sports bar, where Steven left his car the nigh before.  So, my house to … [Read more...]


Um, are we sure it's November?  I checked the temp before Steven and I went for a run.  It said 49 with a high near 70?  I wore shorts and a tee.  It was such a beautiful day!  We were going to run the  Chatham high school and see if we could get on the track.  Denied.  That place is locked down like Fort Knox.  We went out another 1.5 miles and then turned around and went back home.  Around mile … [Read more...]

Push Comes to Shove

Okay, I know I've been missing, but I have been working out.  This wedding has taken more out of me than I thought possible.  The past three Fridays I have been doing boot camp at Fit Club west at 0530.  It seems all we do is swim, bike and run.  I needed a change, and this was it.  I love this class, I kicks my butt!  It seems incresingly more difficult to get up in the mornings and work out.  … [Read more...]

A Runner Looks at Thirty

 On Wednesday I celebrated my Thirtieth birthday.  Yeah Yeah I know, I 'm still a baby, and 30 is the new 20.  I heard it all this week.  But turning 30 doesn't bother me, I 've been 30 at all my triathlons this year anyway, and I am in way better shape now than I was when I was 20.  I've done more this past year than I ever thought I could do, and more than some people do in a life time.  I have … [Read more...]

Run Happy

Reily had an hour walk through football practice this morning, so I used the time to run down my old favorite route.  Since I was back by the old house, I left from Grant middle school and ran down Washington to Bradfordton.  I got to wear my new Brooks running hat that I got at the expo in Augusta.  It's white and Says " run happy".  I had a great 7 mile run so  I  was definitely running happy! … [Read more...]

Augusta at Last!

Sunday,  Steven and I completed in the inaugural 70.3 Ironman in Augusta Georgia.  We left early Friday morning, and drove the 12 hours straight.  We made it to the hotel just in time to attend the last mandatory pre race meeting, and then get our numbers( my swim cap color was pink! Sweet!), and check out the expo.  We got some pretty good swag, and some great stuff at the expo.  Steven drooled … [Read more...]


"Gnats"  has been all the talk on Facebook.  It's that time of year, but It seem particularly bad this year.  Is it the mild summer we have had?  I don't know but when I went to Washington park after work I had planned to run 5 mile.  I didn't start to notice the gnats till I got near the boulevard and I look and down and I was covered.  Eww.  I learned to shake the shirt, don't brush them off, … [Read more...]

60 Years

60 years is a long time to be married to someone, and  I thought this training program was eternal.  This weekend we went to Steven's Grandparents 60Th anniversary party.  Wow!  This morning Steven went and road the hills to Chandlerville and back.  I am so over this race, so I slept in and when he got back we did a 30 min. run, and of course it was pouring by then.  After more house stuff and … [Read more...]

Long Time Gone

I've been a temporary, moving with no internet hiatus.  Things are finally up and running.  I wish I could say the same about me.  I seriously underestimated the training for the 70.3.  Well, not so much the training, but the training, the moving, the wedding , the kids, the trips etc.  I feel like I have not been giving it my all the last few weeks, but that's life and I am doing what I can.  So, … [Read more...]

No Fair

This past week of training has been tough.  Wednesday I did a 35 mile bike ride on the trainer, due to the rain.  It went pretty well, I did a high cadence ride.  It was a good work out.  Unfortunately, When I went to do my 14 mile run on Thursday, my legs were still shot.  It was like running with two cement bricks.  It was by far my most tortuous run thus far.  I took Friday off as a rest day.  … [Read more...]