Below Zero

There has been a lot of talk lately on the Danial's running plan and VDOT scores.  I'm excited to hear Eric talk about all of this at the Triclub social.  When my brother first showed me the plan, I thought "no way, I can't run 40-50 miles a week and not get injured."  In the past I had been plagued by injuries from too many miles too soon.  But I just did 51 miles this week and I love it. My … [Read more...]

Ironmen of Wisconsin

My husband( who did IMWI) thought I should share my thoughts as an observer of the Ironman race.  So, I have to say first how inspiring all the athletes that competed in IMWI are, especially the ones I know!  Being an athlete, i was truly amazed at the whole Ironman event, it was awesome!  I went up to the race on Saturday, and met Steven and Travis at the hotel.  I was surprised to find them both … [Read more...]

Women’s Biathlon

On Saturday, Steven and I got up early and did a 13 mile long run.  I felt a lot better than I thought I might.  I guess I'm still shooting for Chicago.  After the run we went to Sportscare and helped with the Early registration and expo for the 2010 Women's Biathlon being held on Sunday September 12th.  I wasn't sure how many people to expect. I brought an  example of how I would set up my … [Read more...]

Virginia BBQ

I didn't spend a lot of a time at the Virgina BBQ last weekend, but my Husband made up for my absence.  I did make it down, or up whatever, Saturday morning for the return of the Virgina BBQ 5K!  My bff Courtney came to run too.  I don't know haw may years it has been since the last 5k, but I hope the do this race again next year.  The registration fee was only 5$, and we received a nice tote bag, … [Read more...]

Biathlon, Baseball and Beer

What could be better on a  Saturday?  I started out the day by heading out to the Springfield Biathlon.  I got to the beach house around 0645 with both scewers in my bike!  This was already going to be a good race.  I picked up my chip and set up my transition area.  Why is it so much easier with out the swim? All the women went out in wave 3.  I started out the run feeling good.  I let the … [Read more...]

To Boston and Back

Quitters never win and winners never quit.  I wish I had a more profound quote to sum up my Boston experience, but this fits pretty well.  In a training program full of pain and doubt, I could have taken the easy way out and transferred my application to next year, but I  decided to try anyway.  After  taking three weeks off due to a probable stress fracture, I got in a few long runs, but I didn't … [Read more...]

Boston Taper Week

This is it, my last week before Boston.  We leave tomorrow afternoon!  The nerves haven't hit yet, just excitement!  This is my first time to Boston, and it will be a great experience!  This taper week has been tough.  I ran an easy 5 yesterday and 4 today.  My legs are tired and they hurt.  I feel slooow.  It must be the taper.  I did weights this morning and tried to swim after my run.  I think … [Read more...]

20 Down 26.2 To Go

Three weeks and one day until the Boston Marathon!   Things could be better, but I did a 17 mile run last week, and I wanted to run 20 on Saturday.    I left my car in town Friday night so it gave us the perfect 20 mile route to run in and get it.  We Ran from home, down Mansion road to Wesley Chapel.  The we ran down Spaulding Orchard to Cokrell Lane.  Ran behind Panther Creek to Koke mill to … [Read more...]


Maybe it was the snow, maybe I've been pushing to hard?  What ever "it" was I can't look back.  I was in my 5Th week of training for Boston and what started out as an annoying pain in my shin is now a stress fracture.  Last Sunday Steven and I ran 16.  I felt great!  Until the last mile and my right shin started hurting again.  Long story short, I was told to stop running for three weeks.  That … [Read more...]

Boston Bound.

Well my first "official" week of training for the Boston marathon is done. Only 11 more weeks of training until the 2010 Boston Marathon!  I am using a Hal Higdon plan specifically for Boston.  I used his plan last year and it worked well.  I am taking off one of the easy run days and making it a swim.  So 5 days of running.  I ran a 6 mile pace run on Thursday, a 5 mile Tempo run yesterday, and … [Read more...]