Walking Demons

A funky week. Trying to allow enough time between hard running efforts I had to run my race pace 13.1 miler on Sunday late afternoon.  Since I wouldn't be running the Lincoln Half Marathon this would be my half marathon race of the year.  It started out well for the first 3 miles then I started to get a little a hypoglycemic and those walking demons started to haunt me.  But I knew that once … [Read more...]

March Madness

The time change occurred over last weekend so now there should be enough daylight after work to get in some bike miles.  I took advantage of the warmer temperatures and daylight on Tuesday and got out for a 16 mile ride toward Salisbury.  My friend Kirk was supposed to accompany me but he was also a victim of those blasted cinders.  My legs were still sore from Sunday. Wednesday was a bit of a … [Read more...]

Crown (And I Don’t Mean Royal)

A sign that you are getting older is when your teeth begin to rot.  On Thursday I got my first crown (not Royal).  One of my teeth has been getting filled and refilled with fillings but at last it had to get permanently fixed.  Thus a crown was finally put in place.  I took the afternoon off work not knowing what to expect.  The process only took about 15 minutes.  Removing the temporary and … [Read more...]

The Walk Of Shame

Hagan had swim lessons shortly after work.  So we loaded up and headed to the YMCA.  I had the great idea of swimming some laps while Hagan was learning how to "motor boat". The swim area was crowded so I was happy to share the "medium" lane with a fellow swimmer.  After about 200 yards I hear "sir, sir' sir".  The lifeguard was actually demoting me to the slow lane.  What in the world?  I may … [Read more...]

Inaugural Swim

My first swim of 2010 occurred on Wednesday night starting at 20:30.  It wasn' the most desirable time but with other obligations I'm not going to be able to get in the pool before Colony West opens at any good times.  After PSR I brought home Campbell then turned around and headed to Eisenhower pool.  When I arrived I was shocked at the amount of cars in the parking lot and had visions of me … [Read more...]

Not Exactly Consistent

3, 2 mile tempo runs was the order of the day.  The days are longer which means more light.  This also means more motivation.  It's such a thrill to start running in daylight. I left the house around 17:30.  The first tempo run I posted 07:03 for the pace.  The second tempo run I posted 07:09.  The last tempo run was done with an average pace of 07:23.  Not exactly consistent but, man, I was … [Read more...]

Sore Legs, Finally!

Tuesday the weather was still bad so my tempo run was relegated to the treadmill.  4 miles at tempo pace went like this:  2 miles at 7.5 mph, 1 mile at 8.0 mph, and 1 mile at 8.5 mph.  I'm still not in race shape so this tempo run was tough. The next eventful day of training was on Saturday.  Dan picked me up and we headed to Lunch With Eric's house.  The plan was to run the Lincoln Half course … [Read more...]

Where’s Dan?

Dan and Lunch With Eric were meeting at Eric's house at 09:00 to run 12 miles.  I needed to get in 16 so I ran to Eric's and met them right on time.  Upon leaving my house I felt like crap.  I was too focused on hydrating and only ended up bloating myself.  By the time I met up with the homeboys I was feeling better.  The slow warm-up was just what I needed. We decided to run the secret "Vine … [Read more...]

Week 2, Workout 1

2, 2 mile runs at 10K pace.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, not for me and especially this early in my marathon training.  The first interval was flat and with a tail wind.  I managed a 06:56 pace.  I knew the second one would be tougher since it would be uphill and into the wind.  As expected it sucked and I sucked.  With a frozen, grimaced face I managed only 07:20 for the second interval.  I … [Read more...]

Wood Patrol

Friday was a day off for me.  It always feels good to get a lot of errands accomplished on days off.  It makes the day off worth it.  Being able to do things that you can’t do during the day while you are at work. My morning started off by taking my dog to the groomers then dropping off the lawn mower at the repair shop.  Hagan and I then went to the YMCA for swim lessons.  “Getting in the safe … [Read more...]