Allerton Park Trail Race

My goals for the 2010 Allerton Park Trail Race were #1: not finish behind anyone in costume and #2 beat my time from 2007.  While I achieved goal #2, I'm not sure about goal #1. This race was not an A race but one I had focused on since my Ironman.  While I had good intentions my training did not match my desire.  However, I did put in more effort than usual for the this time of year for this … [Read more...]

Sand Creek Trail Race

The euphoria of the Ironman finish has turned into aimless wandering without focus.  I decided to try and get out of my funk by targeting some late season running races.  One of those is the Allerton Park Train Run on Halloween.  In my search of the Allerton Park Train Run I happened upon the first annual Sand Creek Trail Race in support of Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  The Foundation … [Read more...]

2010 Ford Ironman Wisconsin

Dan and I made the last minute decision to drive up to Madison on Thursday instead of Friday.  This turned out to be a critically important decision.  Because we made it up to Madison early we were able to get through registration before the crowd and had time to ride portions of the course. The drive was uneventful.  Having someone to talk to made the time pass and relieved some stress.  … [Read more...]


It's been 1 week since I last had caffeine.  I'm going caffeine-free in an effort to gain all the benefits possible from caffeine during portions of the Ironman.  Hopefully it will give me the extra boost I need to get through some of the low points during my 13 hour event.  Not the smartest thing to do before the biggest race of my career but noone has ever accused me of being smart. This past … [Read more...]

Hamburger Toes

My feet will be happy when this Ironman training is over.  Every long run ends with black and red toes.  In all seriousness my feet are starting to hurt on long runs and I just hope that it won't affect me for IMWI. My weekend was full of continuing education.  I took Saturday off so decided to go for a long run on Sunday.  It was hotter than I anticipated.  By mile 7 my socks were wet.  This … [Read more...]

Rocky Weekend

All the other rabbits doing Ironman Wisconsin seem to have some kind of training regimen.  I, on the other hand, am going into my training and racing completely ad lib.  So I thought this Saturday I should just put in a long brick. I woke up at 04:45 to fuel up for today's ride.  My plan was to leave the house by 05:15 but it was still pretty dark so I waited until 05:30.  It was still dusky … [Read more...]

Steelhead 70.3 Ironman……Redemption

For all the things that went wrong in this race it was amazing how well it turned out for me. WRONG: 1)  The rain started as soon as we left the hotel and didn't let up until I got on the bike.  This meant we set up our transition in the rain, waited for the start in the rain, and did all the preparation in the rain.  After a while I didn't even try to keep things dry.  My clothes, transition … [Read more...]

Iron Abe…….Bust

It could have been the 14,000 feet of climbing I did earlier in the week.  It could have been the humidity.  It could have been the travel from the day before.  It could have been blah, blah, blah. It could have been a lot of excuses but the truth is my legs were heavy and I just didn't have it for this year's Iron Abe.  My time was slower than last year but my training has been better than … [Read more...]

Hey, Do You Have Any Pills?

No, it's not what your thinking?  Dan and I have many addictions, "acid, grass, downs, and speed" (to quote Soul Asylum) are not one of them.  We are addicted to multisport.  More importantly we are addicted to Endurolytes (Hammer Nutrition).  Endurolytes are electrolyte replacement supplements that come in pill form.  The pills are shaped suspiciously so when taken in public you look like a pill … [Read more...]

New City TT

Today was my first ride at the New City Time Trial for the year.  Although I have been getting in some mileage on the bike I haven't had too many solo rides.  It's time to start with some hard efforts, solo. I was surprised by the turnout tonight.  There must have been close to 30 riders.  It's cool to see that many participating.  Some first timers, some old timers, some experienced, and some … [Read more...]