The final countdown

The week is upon us. One week left before the big race. I tried to take it easy this weekend, but if you ask Jason, I probably didn't. I think there are different styles of taper. My style... quality, less quantity. What do I mean by this? Keep my pace solid, using standard tempo, but reduce the quantity or mileage. I think I accomplished this this last week. This weekend I went out for … [Read more...]

Need a new triathlon bike?

I stopped in at Wheel Fast today to bring my bike in before I head to Austin.  I was talking with the owner Matt and he is trying to unload a couple 2009 Specialized Transition Pro framesets for $1200 a piece. (this may sound like a lot, but this retailed for over $2000 bucks!) I currently have the 2008 model and the only thing that changed was the color.  So I will most likely hold off.  He had a … [Read more...]

Exciting Weekend

What an exciting weekend of training and racing.   I did the training part while other raced.  If you didn't know the Ironman World Championship in Kona was on Saturday.  One of Springfield's (Beardstown) own HardyBreed Rabbits Travis Shrowl took part finishing in under 12 hrs! You can look up his splits here (bib 1379).  This was a fun filled Saturday for many, watching live video online or … [Read more...]

Big fat Zero

Sunday:  I got a big fat zero.  That is what Dungan calls it.  I was hungover, and pretty useless and did absolutely nothing. (it was my long run day.)  I should get bonus points though for attending the Springfield Tri Club social. Monday:  I had to make up for it.  I headed to the pool at lunch and did 2000 yards.  500, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500.  After work, Jason wanted to go ride, but I … [Read more...]

A brick and a sake bomb

I woke up to some chilly temps.  I was suppose to meet Jason at 7am.  It took me a little longer than normal to get ready.  Way too many clothes.  Booties, legwarmers, armwarmers, gloves, wind mittens, I cant even tell you how many jerseys I had on.  By the time I opened the garage, Jason was there waiting for me. We headed out on the TT bikes, down the training race course and took a left on … [Read more...]

Audi 5000

That's right, but I had to do 5000 first. Today's track workout, David came up with some crazy crap. And if he wasn't a Marine, I would have kicked his a#$! 5000 meter is a long way, and that is probably why we broke it up. 1000, 2000, 1000, 1000. Wow, I have never seen so many zeros in a workout. They planned on running the 1000s at 85 per 400, I choose to do 90. My first 1000 was tough. … [Read more...]

One month to Longhorn 70.3

Looking back over last week, I did pretty well with my training.  One goal I had was to swim 3 times.  I accomplished that with 2000 yard on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Swimming 3 times a week really is the magic number.  By day 3 your stroke falls in to place and swimming becomes second nature.  I will try to keep this up. My running mileage on the other hand has been slacking.  I did make … [Read more...]

My new beer fridge

After hearing about Jason's last run in Indy, I knew I had to put in some miles.  I totally skipped out on riding on Saturday.  Cleaning out my garage to make room for my new beer fridge took precedence.  Jason had gotten a new fridge for his kitchen so I bought the old one off of him. When Sunday rolled around I was completely exhausted from standing around in the garage and going up and down … [Read more...]

Bricking out the headlamp

Yes another play on works.  It is pretty easy to do with the word "brick".  The sun is not hanging around very long these days and the training races are not starting any earlier.  Tonight we decided to turn around a the bridge on Prairie Creek Rd.  This is really cutting the course short.  But when it is dark at 7:30 there is nothing you can do, but leave earlier. I did get a good 10 miles in … [Read more...]

Things will never be the same again

Things like this don't happen very often. It has been a build up. I remember the my first couple group rides. I was on a mountain bike with slicks. I got dropped left in the middle of nowhere, corn stalks and grain towers, I didn't make it home til dark. 5 years later, I won my first race soloing off the front of the Cat 3 state road race. This was huge for me, goosebumps and all. My first … [Read more...]