Ironman Arizona 2013 Race Report: Dan Billingsley, 9:50, 2hr PR!

Ironman Arizona would be my 2nd Ironman, after completing IMWI 2010 in 11:48.  In December of last year I decided to go all in.  I needed to do two thing, loose some weight, and get a training plan to follow.  I found a great nutrition plan on Training Peaks which limited myself to 1600 calories a day.  To my amazement the pounds started falling off.  At the same time I joined Endurance Nation. … [Read more...]

And now for something completely different…

HardyBreed has been going strong for over 3 years now and after building and building, until we climaxed with Ironman Wisconsin last year.  It was not only physically challenging but mentally draining. And this why the website has been in limbo for the past few months.  Instead of posting our daily training logs, I have finally gotten all the Rabbits to move over to to track time and … [Read more...]

My 10-10-10 Marathon

4 weeks post Ironman, the family and I headed to Chicago for a nice relaxing weekend in windy city.  Well, maybe not a relaxing weekend.  The Chicago Marathon is one of the largest Marathons.  Close to 50,000 people running, and who knows how may spectators? This marathon was somewhat stress free.  I didn't have a whole lot of time and miles wrapped up in it, and didn't really have any … [Read more...]

Good luck in Chicago

At first you would think, "Luck"  what the hell are you talking about?  I have been training for months, there's no luck involved, it is all about the training.  Well in all honesty training will only get you so far.  In multisport there are just too many variables that could ruin a race.  This is where luck comes in... I could eat the same pop tarts every morning for a year, but come race day, … [Read more...]

Ironman Wisconsin 2010 Race Report

All my eggs in one basket. That's how to sum up Ironman Wisconsin.  Training for an ironman was one thing I had no experience at.  A 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run, all put together in one event.  I remember watching the Ironman World Championship on TV 4-5 years ago when I just got into triathlon.  I thought to myself, there was no way I could ever do such that distance.  I … [Read more...]

Less than one week

It is amazing how quickly one year has passed since I registered for Ironman Wisconsin. Now the hours are trickling away and there is nothing else to do but wait for the gun to go off. I am very nervous even though I know I am ready.  I have had a year of stellar training, and working with Eric Bean on a late season training plan has really reassured my readiness. This week I will be … [Read more...]

My Steelhead 70.3 Race Report

I signed up for Steelhead 70.3 in Benton Harbor, MI as a training race for Ironman Wisconsin.  But hundreds of dollars later, it was kind of hard to take it as just a training race.  This was the real thing with a start line, finish line and results posted online. The weekend started off early Friday morning meeting up a Starbucks.  Jason, Eric, John, Patty, Travis and I caravan-ed up to the … [Read more...]

Ironman Wisconsin Recon

Registering for a race, you have never seen takes guts or maybe stupidity. Ironman Wisconsin is the only 140.6 race that is within a 4hr proximity of central Illinois. You would think that makes it the perfect option. Unfortunately for me the terrain of central Illinois is extremely different than that 4 hours north. This was the main reason for the Ironman Wisconsin reconnaissance. I heard … [Read more...]

Sprint Night with No Sprints

After missing out on Lunch with Eric, I thought I might have some pretty decent legs for the training race.  I was wrong!   I got out for a short run before the training race, taking in 4 miles.  It was humid as hell. After that I changed out my soaking wet running clothes for my cycling kit. I met up with Romanotto, for a brief warm up on the bike.  I think I talked him into doing the Capital … [Read more...]

What a week

Starting last Saturday with the Illinois Half Marathon, exhaustion has been playing a role in my everyday life ("EVERY DAMN DAY", as Eric would say.)  I went into the half, not really expecting much.  Actually I was really undecided on how I was going to actually run the race until a couple of miles in.  I was not in any shape to run the race at full steam, especially coming off the two previous … [Read more...]