Fingerbanging in the Rain

Episode 021 Dan and Jason are back and pointing fingers everywhere! Duck and take cover from all the fingerbanging in this episode, because we just can't get enough. In this episode we talk about the Tour de France and discuss the LA and AC feud. We also give up some of our favorite tips for each of the three triathlon disciplines. Then we close it all out with a recap of the Iron Abe … [Read more...]

Strange Brew

Episode 020 - Warning: this special episode has nothing  to do with running, cycling, or swimming... Dan, Jason and Steven drop by Eric's to see what it takes to make some really good home brew.   We find out that beer making is lengthy process.  Join us and watch as the Hardy Breed Pale Ale goes from a 5 gallon stainless steel pot on the stove, to the cold ice water of the sink, all the way to … [Read more...]

Frogskins & Razorblades

Episode 019 - Join us, as we head back to the 80's. We break out our classic Oakley eyewear. Do you remember Frogskins and Razorblades? Jason has stopped running due to a stress fracture. Dan is swimming up a storm. Both of us are riding as much as possible. We also discuss a controversial topic of lowering the speed limit in Washington Park. Stick around for a good 20 minutes, you'll be glad … [Read more...]

My Two Left Feet

Episode 018-  Join Dan and Jason for their best episode yet! We track our journey to and from the Inaugural Illinois Marathon on April 11, 2009 and reminice on our alma mater. The lead-up and a 12 week training plan, Jason runs in to a marathon hiccup of two left shoes and Dan takes it a little too easy with the half marathon. Join us for this marathon of an episode, you'll be glad you … [Read more...]

The Power of Dan Dungan

The Springfield Tri Club presents Ironman Dan Dungan.  In this special episode Dan briefly talks about power training on the bike.  He discusses the different equipment needed to measure power from the SRM meter to the PowerTap.  Power is much more than just watts.  Power allows you to measure your output and analyze your watts with your heartrate, speed and conditions.  Stick around for the next … [Read more...]

Getting Fit with Cris Martin

Episode 017 -  Dan & Jason stop by the Springfield Running Center to talk with Cris Martin about getting fit for running shoes. Shoes come in all sizes, colors, styles and brands but finding the right shoe for you can be a challenge. Cris talks about the 3 different shoe types: Neutral, Stability and Motion Control. Stick around for the next 20 minutes for this informational episode, you'll be … [Read more...]

Ann Gaffigan Keynotes the Monster Mash

Join us for a special episode of  Springfield, Illinois native and 2004 American record holder in the steeplechase with a 9:39.35, Ann Gaffigan keynotes the Springfield Road Runner's Monster Mash. Ann talks about her journey to the 2008 U.S. Olympic trials.  Stick around for the next 14 minutes, you'll be glad you did! Find out more about Ann on her website or … [Read more...]

A Wheel Fast Flat Tire

Episode 016 - Dan & Jason hit the road to bring you an informative podcast on how to change a flat tire. We hook up with the guys from Wheel Fast Bicycle Company in Chatham, IL. Matt fills us in on the tools needed to change a flat while on a ride. Jake then shows us how it is done. He gives some great tips for the novice and veteran cyclist. So sit back and enjoy Dan's cool hat for the next … [Read more...]

Cozying Up To The Fire

Episode 015 - After a long winters nap, Dan and Jason cozy up to the fire for the first podcast of 2009. In this episode we reminisce on the 2008 season.  The marathon, the training races, Jason's obsession with the pavement and all the tri's, bi's and running races.  So suck it up, suck it in and join us for the next 37 minutes, you'll be glad you did.   This episode is also available … [Read more...]

Stretching the Truth

Episode 014 Dan, Jason and Kim travel to Physio Therapy Professionals to talk with the physical therapist/multi-sport athletes Leah and Bridget about stretching.  Static or dynamic?  Before, during or after exercise?  We ask the doctors all the tough questions. Join us for the next 30 minutes, you'll be glad you did! [Photos from the Episode] You can find out more and contact Physio Therapy … [Read more...]