Lance’s Hidden Message

Today on Lance’s Twitter account, he showed some personal pics of his new bike and its new paint job. At the same time, he also provided an insight into what the hidden messages stand for. … [Read more...]


Neal Patrick Harris was on SNL this weekend.  I know many HardyBreed Rabbits that are big Doogie Houser MD fans.  He showed he still has what it takes to be totally awesome!  In recent years he has appeared in several movies and has another successful TV series.  All said and done he is still able to poke fun at himself as you can see in the video below. … [Read more...]

Running Man Nearly Killed by Celery

HardyBreed Jason made someone's blog.  Although he nearly died doing it.  They go on to say: "Today I discovered another near-victim of the devil's vegetable. Poor Jason was going out for a jog when he was nearly strangled by a piece of celery." … [Read more...]

Lance Lactate Threshold Test

While at Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas, - and just a few days after returning from the Astana Training Camp in Tenerife, Spain - Lance Armstrong performed a lactate threshold test so Chris Carmichael, Dean Golich, and Kevin Livingston could continue to monitor his progress. The results were great - a 25 watt increase in his power at lactate threshold, and physiological evidence that his body is … [Read more...]

Just a Little Transformation

The website has undergone a little transformation.  The site originally started off small, but now we have grown with content and would like to make it easier to find all of the information available. We now have a "Random Distractions" category to bring you the latest things that we find interesting.  So we don't have to included everything in our latest training log. Please … [Read more...]