New City Time Trial Results for September 30, 2009

We had a perfect night & a good turnout for the last New City time trial of 2009!  There was one team of 4 riders on standard road bikes with no aerobars who started the clock with the first rider and I stopped timing for them at the 3rd rider (although the 4th was just behind them).  Lisa Kidd drafted Lance the whole ride-just to check it out-Lance was 1 second over his best time & Lisa … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for September 2, 2009

We had another great night at New City! The weather was really nice, there were 2 new riders, welcome Mark Shea & Steve Stone! There were 22 riders, 3 had new PR's. Thanks again to TJ for timing & Lois for bringing the 'caution' signs! MARK YOUR CALENDARS--there are only 2 time trials left this season--can you believe it?? Wednesday the 16th and Wednesday the 30th. Wednesday … [Read more...]

New City PRs

Hey, everybody! Here is a list of everyone who have been to the Wednesday night New City time trials, and their best time, since I started them in 2007.  Remember, these are only the times that I have-they may have set a different PR at a different event. Whew!    Steve Schien Name Time Year Albert Pierceall            27:06        07 Adam Newhall            34:18        09 Adam … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for August 19, 2009

Well, the weather bearly cooperated, but it turned out to be a great night!  There were 15 riders & welcome to new rider Josh Baumberger!  Ten riders had new PR's-congratulations!  There are only 3 more sessions left, the last night will be Sept 30th.  Some people who get this email haven't been out to try this yet-make sure you get out at least once! Weds August 19th Wind SW @ 7mph, 80 … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for August 5, 2009

Hey everybody!  Another great night for a time trial!  The weather was great, temp about 80 degrees, light (5mph?) wind out of the north (OK, it's better if it's from the south), only a little humid & pretty clear skies.  I'd like to welcome 5 new riders: Eric Sommer, Adam Sergent, Drew McCulley, Michelle & Leann Murphy! There were 6 riders who had new PR's tonight, marked below: Name … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for July 22, 2009

Great Job everybody!  First, I'd like to welcome back Dave Wooten and 5 new riders, Adam Newhall, Devon Loftus, Greg Lutchka, Jeff Loftus & Kathy Nelson!  We had a new attendance record of 33 riders!  Thanks to Keith Buescher & Emily Chesser for manning the turn point-it's always good to have a person watching for us.  Thanks again, Lois for always bringing the "Bikes on Road" signs!  Out … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for July 8, 2009

Results from July 8th: There were 5 new PR's, plus Rob Brokaw set a new course record (by 1 second!), Justin hit the 22's and besides the return of Ben Cole on a vintage Serotta TT bike, we had a new group of 12 new riders!  Welcome Chris & Scott Pearce, Bob & Jacob Brandon, Dave Manson, John & Patrick Flahive, Luke Albracht, Nick, Shannon & Terry Heisler and Ray Larson--great to … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for June 24, 2009

Sorry I didn't get June 24 results out sooner-I think I was still in vacation-mode! Sounds like it was real hot here-thanks for coming out to ride! There were 4 new riders-welcome Lance Cull, Bryan Albracht, Steven Graves & Kim Sharp! There was only 1 new PR-Congrats to Andy Martin! I guess we all know who can perform in the heat! 6/24/09: South wind at 8mph, 88 degrees/hot & … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for June 10, 2009

Thanks again for everyone who came out & rode tonight!  We had a little problem with the locals-seems we were in the road while lining up. Please stay in the gravel until you get near the line (2 people or so in the road at once)-thanks.  Welcome to a few new riders-Patty Shafer and John Allen-good to have some new faces! Out of 28 riders, only 4 did not set a new PR-Keith Buescher loaned … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for May 27, 2009

Another great turn-out with 31 riders!  Thanks for everyone who came out tonight-it was a great time!  To those of you who couldn't make it, we've missed you, too!  Well, Robo set another course record, Justin is almost in the 22's, Andy Lister knocked 2 minutes off his best time on a borrowed TT bike, several new PR's, John Lawyer had a flat & ran to the finish in his socks, Scott Robinson … [Read more...]