New City Time Trial Results for August 4, 2010

Hello Everyone! There must be something magical at New City – with the temps during the day topping 100 degrees and storms threatening the area, the storm went north of us, heading east and dropped the temp from 97 to 85! And not a drop of rain! It rained hard south of Rochester, but missed us! With the heat & storm, there were very few riders tonight, but 2 new riders! Welcome Matt … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for July 21, 2010

Hello, everyone! Sorry this took so long to get the results to you all. Those of you who were there know there was a problem with the timing-Brennan hit the wrong button on the stopwatch & cleared the memory – SORRY! And thanks for help from Tracy, getting the numbers put together & to all of the riders for their help and patience. To get these results, we took the times from the … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for July 7, 2010

We had another great night: 26 riders (including 6 new people), the rain held off again, tailwind return leg, several new PR’s were set, what could be better? Welcome back Jason Fergurson & Steve Stone! Say hello to the following new riders the next time you see them: Rob Yogger, Nicole Sommer, Peter Wise, Luke Perko, Don Mallette & Andy Meyerholz! Thanks for coming out & we hope to … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for June 23, 2010

Hi, everyone! What a hot night! Thanks to all the brave riders who came out tonight! Welcome new riders Clay Crocker & Scott Harry-thanks for coming & we all hope to see you again! Good to see Michael Dwyer, Tracy Chestnut & Bryan Albracht again-they haven’t been out since last season. Thanks again to Brennan for timing & his buddy Brian for helping! There were 3 new PR’s … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for June 9, 2010

Great job tonight, sorry I couldn’t be there! Thanks again to Brennan & Tracy for getting everything running! Welcome 4 new riders tonight, Trevor Lister, Andrew Strow, Matt Dorchinecz and Bill Chestnut! We all hope to see you again soon! And returning tonight for the first time this season, Dan Billingsley, Jason Beeler & Eric Sommer (does anybody else see a Hardy Breed connection … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for May 12, 2010

A NEW COURSE RECORD!!! There were 29 riders tonight, welcome new riders Angie Nesbit & Justin Stewart! Thanks for coming & we all hope to see you again soon! Thanks to Lois Jazo for bringing & setting up the safety signs again! Thanks to Brenda Reiling for running the stopwatch & Adam Sergent’s sons for recording the finish order tonight!!!! That gave me a chance to ride … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for April 28, 2010

Hey Everyone! Perfect weather again, although a little windy—again. It IS springtime in Illinois after all! Welcome 4 new riders tonight: John Williams, Joe Gurski, John Halterman & Scott Leopold! Thanks for coming & we all hope to see you regularly! Thanks also for everyone who has donated the money that I will give to the church-they are VERY appreciative of it! There is a TT … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for April 14, 2010

Hi, everyone! We had a great turnout of 28 riders tonight with great temps, but windy once again. Welcome new riders Gina Champion, Neil Glessner & Emily Zimmerman! Almost every rider had significant improvements in their time over last week-great job! Thanks to Tyler Vonnahmen who helped me get the numbers at the end of the ride, Lois Jazo for bringing & putting up the ‘Cyclists … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for April 7, 2010

Thanks for coming out, everyone! There were 20 riders, oops, I mean 19 riders. Gene Rupnik would have made it 20, except he forgot to bring his pedals! Sorry, Gene, I had to put that out there! Anyway, thanks for hanging around in the chilly wind to get the finishing numbers for me! I need a timer! T.J.’s work shift changed this season & won’t be able to time for us. I made a … [Read more...]

New City Time Trials

Has it been a long winter? Have any of you been training? Is it time to find out where your early-season fitness is? Come to New City Wednesday, April 7th & be ready to ride at 6PM! Call me at BikeTek if you have any questions: 787-2907 - Steve Schien … [Read more...]