What a Magnificent Mile!

IMG_8076[Results] [Photos] The first year for the Springfield’s Magnificent Mile covered a grueling one mile stretch on 6th Street in the Historic downtown Springfield, IL.   The race drew around a hundred runners from central Illinois.  The heats went off at 3 minute intervals by age group. 

The temperature was in the mid 60s and a SE wind was at our backs.  The course was marked at each 1/4 mile.  This really helped for pacing yourself.  The first half of the race was flat to a slight downhill.  The 1/2 mile mark then took a moderate incline, with a swirling wind, which felt more like a headwind. 

The 3/4 mark couldn’t come soon enough.

IMG_7978The street flattened out and the finish was in sight.  People covered the finish line cheering as we crossed the timing mat.  There was water readily available and They even had free pizza and soda from the “Pizza Machine” bus.

A very exciting and quick race!

I also want to mention the race t-shirt (sleeveless Sports Science) wins the best race shirt of the year.  It is a lightweight wicking shirt, with a small front logo, that is not overbearing.  I would encourage more races to have a similar t-shirt.

Tell us about your Magnificent Mile, comment below.