Tuesday/Thursday MACK Training Rides

(Springfield, Illinois) Tuesday April 6 & Thursday April 8, mark the beginning of our weekly fast training rides. The course will be the same as last year turning left on Pleasant Plains road South and then right at the “radio tower road” and then next right north to the stop sign, then right to Pleasant Plains road heading south and left back on the course back east. The finish line will be the same as last year. Distance 31.23 miles. ALL STOP SIGNS must be obeyed and all riders must stay to the right side of the road when vehicular traffic is present. Remember the POLICE will be patrolling our course. Safety is number one….This isn’t the World Championships…Its just training..

Note: Tuesdays will be our sprint night..Jeff Williams will explain the format before we leave on April 6.

ROAD Bikes ONLY Please..

We will depart BIKETEK promptly at 6:00 p.m. both nights through September.

Gary Doering