Midwest Monster Adventure

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September 20th, 2008
Quincy, IL

Teams of 1, 2 or 3…

The 6th annual Midwest Monster Adventure Race!

The Midwest Monster Adventure Challenge is a true test to one’s strength, endurance and team commitment.  Coed 3 person teams, 2 person teams of any combination, or a solo member will try out their skills in biking, running, kayaking, orienteering and an obstacle course.

There are two courses a Short Course and a Long Course.  The Long Course includes “orienteering” so if you don’t how to use a compass and map, I would suggest the short race.

New this year is kayaking and I have been assured that they will be provided for all teams, so you don’t need to rent.

There is pre-race meeting/dinner on the Friday before the race in downtown Quincy.  This is mandatory for the team captain, but everyone should attend.  I would also suggest getting a hotel in town. We have stayed overnight at the Hampton Inn, which seems to be the nicest place, and closest to the start.

Hardy Breed has done this race for the last two years.  This is a very cool entry level adventure race.  When we did this race for the first time we were totally lost, because very little information is given out about the race.  They give clues and hints to the equipment needed, but everything else is given to you the morning of the race.

When you check in all your mandatory equipment, they also provide you with a packet.  It includes a map and the check points.

The main concept of the Monster is to complete different task and obstacles in a specific order.  Each task is then recorded by your team by punching your card.  Task may required running, riding or using your brain and you are only as fast or strong as your weakest link.  Teams must work together and stay together.

ladderThis year Jason will not be part of my team due to his injury earlier this year.  He wasn’t sure if he could do the 40# sandbag carry for 2 miles…  Yes you have to carry a 40# sandbag (each team member.) So this year I am teaming up with none other than my Nemesis Andy Peterson.

The Short Course has taken us around 6 hours to complete while the long course can go much longer.  I would advise checking out the website and asking as many questions as possible.  This is a great event to participate in, and you will come back year after year for more punishment.

The Midwest Monster Adventure Challenge is a not-for-profit event.Proceeds from the race benefit the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers.

You can register for the race and find out more at www.MonsterAdventure.com

I hope to see you there.  If you have any questions about the race I would be more than happy to help.