Spirit of the Marathon

Sprirt of the MarathonSpirit of the Marathon debut with a one time showing last night.  The film takes a journey with six people in their preparation for the 2005 Chicago Marathon.  The six people ranged from novice runner to the elite: Ryan Bradley – Boston Hopeful, Leah Caille – First-Time Marathoner, Deena Kastor – 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Jerry Meyers – Four-Time Marathoner, Daniel Njenga – World Class Marathoner and Lori O’Connor – First-Time Marathoner.    The film also featured several other running gurus including: 

  • Dick Beardsley – 2nd place 1982 Boston Marathon (Duel in the Sun)
  • Joan Benoit-Samuelson – First women’s Olympic Marathon Champion
  • Sara Mae Berman – Three-time Boston Marathon Champion
  • John Bingham – Author Marathoning for Mortals, Runner’s World columnist
  • Amby Burfoot – 1968 Boston Marathon Champion, Executive Editor Runner’s World magazine
  • Tom Derderian – Author, Coach
  • Hal Higdon – Author, Chicago Marathon coach
  • Joe Henderson – Original editor Runner’s World magazine
  • Deena Kastor – Olympic Bronze Medalist, American record holder in the marathon
  • Paula Radcliffe – World record holder in the women’s marathon
  • Roger Robinson – Author, Boston Marathon Master’s Champion
  • Bill Rodgers – Four-time Boston and New York City Marathon Champion
  • Alberto Salazar – NYC & Boston Marathon Champion
  • Frank Shorter – Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist in the marathon
  • Kathrine Switzer – Women’s running pioneer
  • Paul Tergat – Former world record holder in the men’s marathon
  • Grete Waitz – Nine-time New York City Marathon Champion
  • The film gave a history of how the marathon was started and how it has grown to what it is today.  Each of the profiled athletes had there own story and why they were training for Chicago.  They sacraficed something to feed their inner spirit.  Whether it was overcoming injury or emotions the goal was the Chicago Marathon.

    I found myself  relating to the runners (well maybe except for the elites) in many ways. 

    One thing that stayed in my mind was when Leah Caille discribe how running is part of her life.  She said when she goes out to have a drink with friends all they talk about is running.  Then when she is out running with friends they talk about everything else.  I thought to myself how true that is.  I also find myself talking too much about training when out with friends.  I know some really don’t want to hear it.  But I have seen others do the same.  It is just a pasion/obsession. 

    Jerry Meyers, mentioned the “runners high.”  The only time he felt it was when he stopped running.  I thought about that too.  I think the “high” comes before and after the run.  And when I have to take a few days off due to injury or other obligations, I just feel so irritable and helpless.

     It was a rather inspiring film.  So if you have never done a marathon, see the film, and then start training. 

     Go to the Spirit of the Marathon website to see if it will be in a theater near you, and when it will be release on DVD.