Scholastic Sweat

[Results] [Awards] [Photos] The 16th Annual Bob Goldman Memorial Scholastic Challenge to benefit local high school running programs occurred today.  This is obviously a long running event that has withstood the test of time.  The organization is spectacular and the turnout impressive.

Over 370 runners participated in today’s event.  With these 370 runners were droves of spectators as well.  Spouses, parents, significant others, siblings, and injured rabbits all came out to enjoy an entertaining race.

The weather was gorgeous.  There were signs of inclement weather that didn’t materialize.  Temperatures remained in the 70’s with sunny skies.  A light wind was barely noticeable.

The exciting part about the Scholastic Challenge is the eclectic mix of runners.  You get to see Springfield’s elite veteran runners compete against elite high school and collegiate runners.  Throw in up and comers and beginners and you have the recipe for an exciting and entertaining race.

Scholastic Challenge 2008 001 Wide

The front of the start line was prominent with the usual, shirtless teenagers.  Sprinkled in the front of the field were also some of Springfield’s best (wearing shirts).  The signal was given and like a bullet from a gun the runners shot out of the starting line.  This is a very fast course for very fast runners.  The field came zooming by and all 400 participants began the sprint.

Speaking to several runners prior to the start everyone had the same opinion.  The tendency is to run too fast too early then not have anything left in the tank for the last mile.  People try to keep pace with all the  fast guys/girls then blow up.  So runners had to gauge their effort and pace themselves.  Going out too fast makes for a long race.

Scholastic Challenge 2008 009Apparently most people stuck to their intentions as times were fast.  Speaking to several runners after the event people seemed to be very satisfied with their times and level of effort.  For a short race the field was strung out.  Giving credence to the level of competition.  It was inspiring watching the finishers sprint for every second and challenge surrounding competitors.

Post-race there were the very prestigious kid’s races.  A Tiny Tyke Trot (kids 5 and under) that was 100 yards in length and a Kid’s Challenge (6-10) that was a whopping 1/4 mile in length.  This event seems to be gaining in popularity every year as more and more runners are getting their kids interested in healthy lifestyles.

Congratulations finishers of all 3 races.  Thanks to all the volunteers and spectators who make this race worth attending.  Great job and I hope to see every one at the Scholastic Challenge next year supporting an admirable cause.