Premier Bank 5k

PREMIER BANK 5KBy  Matt Vortman (Wild Hare Corespondent)

[Results] [Photos] I got myself out of bed at 4:30 this morning after a night of hanging out with my friends, to run the Premier Bank Fourth of July 5K at Nichols Park in Jacksonville, Illinois. I was very sluggish and thought to myself “why the hell am I doing this?” However, I loaded up some Springsteen into my Ipod, got myself ready to go, and headed back down to my old stomping grounds.

Today was a beautiful day for a run. It was a little cool this morning with the temperatures in the 60’s, sunny, and a light breeze out of the north. There was a solid turnout for this run with 217 registered runners and walkers. The proceeds from this event went to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of West Central Illinois.

As I arrived at the Nichols Park Pavilion, I ran into some fellow runners from the Cutting Edge Running Club. They were asking me if my time at the Bob Goldman Scholastic Challenge was correct. I finally broke 22 minutes and they thought the course was short. Right away I was motivated to prove that my last race was not a fluke and that I could do another 5K in 21something.

The race started at 8:01am and kudos to Dan Moy. He starts a race like it should be started. He gets all those individuals who run a 10 minute plus mile out of the front row. If he doesn’t think you should be in front, guess what, he’s going to make you move back! I love that! I started out entirely too fast. After about .25 miles I was running a 5:30 pace!!! I pulled back immediately and kept a 6:34 pace for the first mile. During the second mile, the fast start caught up to me and I felt my legs start to feel sluggish. However, I kept a 6:50 pace up for quite a while. By the third mile, I knew I was running out of steam. My pace had slowed, my legs were weak, and my stomach was in knots. However, I finished strong, coming up the hill at the finish line bound and determined to cross in under 22 minutes. I ended up with a time of 21:17 today, good enough for 2nd place in my age group.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my performance today. At work, Jason and I always talk about setting goals for running. It’s always important to have something to aim for, something to prove to yourself. Here lately, I felt my training was off because I had nothing to shoot for. Hopefully this race will be the “kick in the ass” I need to improve my running.  I now have a new 5K goal…under 21 minutes. To all you Wild Hares out there…Happy Fourth of July!