New City Time Trial Results for Sept 15, 2010

We had another great night at New City tonight! The weather held off for us again-on my way home, I found that it had rained in Rochester, but not on the course! Thanks to my good friend Dave Loyd for coming down from Morton to participate tonight! We loaned him a Cervelo & he tore up the course! We all ate some dust & bugs, as the farmers were picking corn right next to the road. Lisa set a scorching time tonight-because she drafted off every wheel that she could grab! No problem-that is still a hard effort & will make you stronger. Almost everyone had new PR’s tonight-Great Job! Mike wins & is the oldest rider, the slowest rider STILL AVERAGED OVER 22 MPH! We have a pretty fast crowd, that’s for sure!

If you haven’t heard, the current issue of Bicycling magazine (October 2010) has a list of the top 50 shop rides in the country-New City is on the list! But what makes it a great ride is YOU! Lots of friendly people with the same interest and a welcoming environment. Thanks to all of you who have continued to make this a successful event! I love putting it on for all of you & appreciate your participation, your friendship, your helpfulness, and when we make a mistake, your forgiveness. Thanks again!

Results from September 15th, 2010:
Wind was slight from the south, cloudy skies, not humid at all with the temp about 80 degrees.

Rider                      Time      MPH
Mike Vonnahmen             25:31     25.5
Steve Schien               25:41     25.5
Bryan Albracht             25:46     25.3
Adman Sergent              25:51     25.1
John Halterman             25:55     25.1
Nick Fogelman              26:00     25.0
Lisa Kidd                  26:20     24.7
Scott Robinson             26:25     24.6
Dee Wise                   26:32     24.5
Dave Loyd                  26:48     24.3
Jeff Williams              26:53     24.2
Kenny Vennell              26:57     24.1
Rod Dial                   27:04     24.0
John Williams              28:55     22.5

There’s only one session left-see you in 2 weeks on September 29th!

Steve Schien