Memorial’s Regional Burn Center 5K

[Results] Today was the second annual Memorial’s Regional Burn Center 5K.  Proceeds were to benefit the “care and comfort” of patients and families.  The majority of the proceeds are to be used for things that insurance does not cover like entertainment for pediatric patients and other amenities not considered vital to patient care.

The weather was less than cooperative for today’s 5K in Washington Park. Runners and walkers were greeted to thunderstorms early Saturday morning. It did stop raining around 07:30 but high humidity remained. Organizers were well prepared, though, with food and drinks under a pavillon and registration under a canvas tent. Registration was orderly and efficient. WFMB was doing a live remote show from the race which added a little flare to the race.

There were around 80 participants with a strong contingent from local fire departments.  Actually, the winner appeared to be a firemen but I could be wrong.  The starter’s pistol was replaced with a firetruck horn which was kind of cool.  There seemed be great volunteer and participant support.  For being only the second event organization was spectacular.  The awards ceremony was even MC’d by the medical director of the Burn Unit, Dr. Michael Neumeister.

The course was the usual Washington Park route with 1.5 laps to contend.  Those of you who have raced this course know about the last hill.  That hill was the straw that broke my camel’s back.  It is tough because it is less than 1/2 mile to finish.  So it’s a place where you would ordinarily start to pick up the pace.  To me it is a place to not lose too much time.  It depends on how you feel.

It took me about 45 minutes to get dry after the race.  While waiting for the awards ceremony I had to go back and forth to the truck to cool off.  But 5 minutes after leaving the truck I would start sweating again.  The weather was miserable but the race was fun.  Seeing some of my co-workers and having them cheer me on also made it special.

A great race for a great cause.  I hope to see you rabbits there next year………