May is National Bike Month

biketoworkposterIf you have never commuted to work but have always wanted to try here is your chance.  If you are sick of poor gas mileage and rising fuel prices here is your chance to stick it to Big Oil.

On May 15 join the many people of Springfield who commute to work and help raise awareness of bikes for this motorized-dominated community.  The more cyclists on the road the more familiar motorists will become of riders.  There is no better way to go green than to leave the automobile turned off.

May is National Bike Month and Friday, May 15 is National Bike-to-Work Day.  Help promote cycling awareness by biking to work this month or, at the very least, ride to work on May 15.

Visit the Springfield Bicycle Club or the League of American Bicyclists and learn how you can promote biking  in the commuting.  There are several promotional activities and events scheduled for Springfield and the surrounding communities.  Visit the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commision for more details.

Stick it the man and ride to work on May 15.

Send in photos of yourself commuting to work or at work with your bike and get recognized.  Email:

I’ll see you on the road.