Photos & Results: Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon

abe[Photos] [Results] Almost perfect weather greeted the 1000+ runners, joggers, and walkers for the 45th annual Abraham Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon.

Temperatures were in the upper 40’s and lower 50’s at the start.  Beautifully sunny skies warmed finishing temperatures into the upper 50’s.  As a runner you could not have asked for better conditions.

After a surprisingly good rendition of the National Anthem by Jim Dahlquist and brief speech by Abe Lincoln himself, Civil War era union troops sounded their guns for the traditional start.  At a punctual 07:35 start the fun began.

When I mean fun, I mean fun.  It looked as though people had more fun this year than ever before.  All along the course, no matter the incline, the participants seemed to enjoy the weather and the event.  I saw a guy running as a penny and two guys dressed like Elvis.  There were plenty of crazy hats as well.    The highlight of the festivities on the course was definitely around HardyBreed Hill.  The volunteers were having a good time, the band was rockin’ (who was the band?), and there was plenty of encouragement on the hill.

2 ElvisThe excellent organization precipitated the enjoyment and enthusiasm of all the participants.  Nothing was left unnoticed.   Tim Butler’s eye for detail and hard work should be applauded.  In fact, all the volunteers deserve a pat on the back and cold beverage of their choice.  Everyone involved should be proud of themselves.

No matter if you set a PR, finished just to finish, placed high in your age group, or participated with a friend it was a good day for all the participants.  I think it was the first race I’ve witnessed where Brian Glass did not win.  That is a sign of the talent that this race attracted.

Go ahead and check out the hundreds of free photos.  Let us know about your experience in the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon. 

(Thanks go out to Tom and Jason for taking some great photos again this year!)