Hilly Hillsboro

HillsboroBiathlon2008_2 022[Results] [Photos]  The 4th of July started off with a BANG at the  20th Annual Hillsboro Biathlon.  Conditions were ideal with partly cloudy skies and crisp temperatures in the morning.  There were actually people wearing sweatshirts in the morning but by late morning sun and warmer temperatures greeted the participants.  The wind was a moderate factor with an ideal head wind out on the course and a tailwind on the return. 

I was amazed at the amount of particpation at today’s race.  There seemed to quite a collection of competitors from all over Central Illinois and the St. Louis area.  The race started around 07:40 and this rabbit was shocked at all the participants.

There is a reason why it is called “Hills” boro.  The run and the bike shared the same long stretch of road.  Both contained the same long hill for the finish.  If the hill wasn’s tough enough there were also speed-draining cobblestones up to the finish line.  The course had a slight head wind on the way out, which felt like heaven on the run and hell on the bike.  But in return the bike speeds pushed over 30 mph on the way to the finish.

Springfield area racers took their fair share of spots in the field.  There were several Teams made up of cyclist from Team Mack and runners form the SRRC.  I know for sure they took 2nd and 3rd place in the team competition.  Springfield also took several other awards in the solo competition.  Leah Hulcher took the women’s overall competition.  Congratulations Leah!  I would throw out some other names, but there are too many to mention, without looking at the results.  (Results have not been posted online yet…) 

Overall, I would say the race was a very successful small town race.  The backdrop was wonderful with the start/finish line positioned at the town square.  There seemed to be quite a local contigent of volunteers and participants which is why this race is so successful.  Timing chips this year added to the well organized event.  I would encourage your participation next year.

Tell the Hardy Breed Rabbits what you thought of the race, by commenting below.  Also, thank our wounded Rabbit Jason for taking over 300 photos!

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