Reporting from the Fat Ass 5K

[Results] [Photos] Wow, has this race grown.  There must have been 5x more participants than last year.  If you missed last year and couldn’t make it this year you should mark your calendar to either participate or watch this race next year.  It is truly entertaining.


From Elvis, to Stag Beer, to Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream, to Cigar Aficionados there was something there to entertain everyone.  It was like a Rock N Roll sponsored marathon.  Almost every corner had some sort of musical entertainment.  The crowds were bigger this year as well.  Most of the local downtown shops were open and supportive.  It was more than a race; it was an event.

Then, of course, there was the street party.  It also seemed like more people hung around for the party afterward.  Celtic Mist was very accommodating toward promoting the fun.  AM 1450 was doing a live broadcast.   The band was great.


The weather was somewhat cooperative.  It was sunny but the wind put a chill in the air.  Because of the sinuous course, runners and walkers were blanketed with wind around every corner.  The race was so full of walkers that the lead runners actually caught and passed most of the walkers.  The course navigated 2 downtown circuits so if you were actually running hard you had to weave in and out of walking traffic for half the distance.  Not conducive for a fast time.  I think that is why some of Springfield’s elite runners ran this as a fun run.

A pretty cool event that has lots of community support.  Check out the [Results] [Photos] and tell us about your experience.