ABD Fall Fling

ABD Fall Fling 2008

Team Mack Racing’s Elite Masters put in a dominant appearance at the final event of the racing season, the four stage ABD Fall Fling.

In Stage1, the Westlake Road Race for Masters 40+ in Rockford, Illinois was won on a late attack by John Fleckenstein. Gary Doering picked up the bronze medal by finishing second in the field sprint. Mark Shea established a top ten position in the series by coming home 8th.

The 50+ Road Race which was contested after the 40+ event, saw John Fleckenstein nail another victory with Gary Doering winning the field sprint for second..Mike Rummelhart and Dan Madsen finished 10th and 24th respectively .

Stage 2 brought the series to Wood Dale, Illinois for a flat, wide, fast criterium course. In the 40+ race Mack Masters established their authority over the series by placing both Robert Brokaw and Robert Kron in the winning four man break while the remainder of the team covered and controlled every attack from the field. After shutting down the field, Mack started the final lead-out lead by Jeff Williams, Andy Hines, Neil Thomas and Don Lowe while the rest of the field’s sprinters were busy marking one another. This strung the field out leaving most of the fast finishers too far back to make their move in the final meters. Mack came home with the win for the second day in a row with Robert Kron winning from the break and Robert Brokaw nailing down fourth. The lead-out gave Gary Doering the field sprint to secure fifth with John Fleckenstein 10th and Mark Shea 12th also solidifying their positions as series leaders at the end of week one of the F all Fling.
The 50+ race was super fast with Gary Doering winning from a breakaway of three and John Fleckenstein nailing the field sprint for fourth. Mike Rummelhart finished up in 13th.

ABD Fall Fling 2008

Stage 3 found the series in the village of Maple Park, Illinois for a 15k time trial and Mack once again came home with the 40+ gold, won by Robert Brokaw.  John Fleckenstein finished 5th and Gary Doering 10th in the 50+.

The Stage 4 finale brought the series back to Wood Dale for another criterium on the older and more technical “North Course.” Adding a wrinkle to the final event was the weather. The entire criterium was run in a driving rain. Team Mack made the most of the harsh conditions by placing Robo Brokaw on the front driving the pace at near light speed from the start and weeding out some of the series contenders that weren’t willing to ride aggressively through corners filled with standing water. In the closing laps Team Mack put in repeated attacks to drive an already weary field. Mark Shea made his final attack stick and soloed away in the final five laps to make it a team four for four sweep of all Fall Fling events. This was Shea’s first major win! The Mack leadout train drove the field home to secure 2nd for Gary Doering, 4th for Robert Kron and 5th for John Fleckenstein.

The 50+ race was again super fast with Gary Doering winning on a sole breakaway. John Fleckenstein nailing the field sprint for third. Mike Rummelhart finished up in 13th.

ABD Fall Fling 2008

Although the Mack Elite Masters didn’t secure the 40+ overall series win, they did “spread the wealth” of results throughout the team and dominated the overall podium with 2nd-John Fleckenstein, 3rd-Gary Doering, 5th-Mark Shea.

50+ overall podium: John Fleckenstein 1st and Gary Doering in 3rd.

ABD Fall Fling 2008

A mention for the unsung Mackers who drove the pace, chased the attacks from other teams, controlled the field and led out the sprints to complete the Team Mack omnium success goes out to: Robo Brokaw, Andy Hines, Robert Kron, Don Lowe, Neil Thomas and Jeff Williams.

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