The roads are pretty clear now but the sidewalks and shoulders are impassible.  So I suck it up and travel to work to run on the treadmill.  I always feel a little inadequate when resorting to a treadmill (although I don't feel the same way about riding on the trainer, hmmmm).  It has been over a year since I last ran on a treadmill so it felt as little strange.  Plus, because it is so different … [Read more...]

Cross Training?

The total has gone from 3" of snow since my last post to a whopping 13".  This happened over night.  The night was restless as I was still hyped up from the run and couldn't really sleep that well.  You know how it is.  I woke up this morning sore as hell from my run .  Enjoyment from a good workout the night before quickly turned into reality when I had to walk down the stairs.  I planned to take … [Read more...]

My Prozac

I was sitting in my office around 12:00 pondering my pathetic week of training.  I ran 16 miles on Sunday with Danoh and haven't done anything remotely cardiovascular except walk up the stairs and give the kids a bath.  My trainer broke on Tuesday just as I was about to ride and the weather has been less-than-cooperative.  So my depression was growing.  It hit it's peek around 13:00 when I noticed … [Read more...]

I Drank Beer

Well, you know how it goes, skip a day of traing,  drink some beer and eat some fried food.  I am just upping my glycogen levels for this weekend … [Read more...]