One Mile. Up-tempo.

Today's "Tuesday" workout took place on Wednesday.  This is a lunch-run first.  It seems our two fearless leaders (Dave and Bill) were absent at the start yesterday.  Dave had excused himself an hour before the run (something about a chair) and Bill had previously stated his tardiness ahead of time.  On the way to the boulevard, Alex postponed the Tuesday run until Wednesday. Today's run was a … [Read more...]

Today’s speedwork

The workout started (as usual) from the YMCA at Noon.  An easy run to Washington Park is used as the warmup.  Today's speedwork involved hard-paced intervals of 2 minutes followed by 2 minutes of recovery pace.  The route was one complete loop in Washington Park (2 miles).  The purpose of the workout is similar to that of the modern Fartlek (simply a continuous run of a drastically varied … [Read more...]

The First Tuesday Speedwork of 2009!

This week's workout started at the YMCA at Noon.  This will be the standard starting place until sometime in March when we switch the speedwork to the track at Springfield HS.  We leave the YMCA when the Cathedral Bells strike Noon. The warmup was the standard run to Washington Park.  [The Washington Park Blvd. is a good place to meet the group if you can't make it to the Y at Noon]  The … [Read more...]

Passavant Powerade 5k/10k

[Results] The Passavant-Powerade 10k was held on May 31.  It's a race that is usually well-attended by the runners from Springfield.  One reason is because of when it takes place during the season.  Many of us are coming off of an early season marathon or half-marathon and the thought of losing some of that much earned long distance endurance is painful.  A 10k is a pretty good way to utilize some … [Read more...]