I wanted to throw out a huge CONGRATS to all the rabbits that competed over the weekend.  Eric Bean had a great race in Kona and was the 6th American overall.  It was a cool race to watch online.  Kyle Monroe had another great Ironman 6 weeks after his first.  Sub-10 in Kona = awesomeness! The Chicago Marathon had many of us up to the windy city over the weekend.  Great performances by Wes, … [Read more...]


I know it has been a little while since I've posted.  A lot has happened since my last post:  Egan actually raced for the first time in nearly a decade.  Nick actually made it out on a lunch run (on one of the worst possible days).  Bean took 3rd overall at Ironman Wisconsin.  I'll update everyone about my Ironman in a later post. The lunch group is putting it's finishing touches on their … [Read more...]

Dog Days

Now that the dog-days of Summer are behind us, it's hard to imagine that stifling heat of Summer on the track.  Last Tuesday's workout showed that Summer is not over just yet.  It was a brutally hot day to be on the track at Noon.  The guys fearlessly showed up and had 5 miles of pace work on the agenda (though one was cut due to the heat).  2 miles, mile & a mile were the flavors and the plan … [Read more...]


With my absence on the track of late, the boys have been steppin' it up with the workouts.  Last week, in preparations for Fall marathons, they did: 2 miles, 1 mile, 800, 400 at a little faster than 6:00 pace.  In fact, I heard results of 11:48, 5:47, 2:43, :81.  That's a tough workout.  Great job guys. The plan today is take this trend even further and run: 2 miles, 1 mile, 1 mile, & 1 … [Read more...]

Miles and heart burn

Last tuesday at lunch, instead of nearly throwing up on the track, I did what every red-blooded Springfieldian does in August... I ate my way through the fair (and back).  Both "lunches" will make you nearly throw up, one is just a little better for you than the other.  I'll spare you the details of what I ate (trust me, you wouldn't want to know).  The guys, however, didn't follow me to lunch and … [Read more...]


Last week our running group broke up into two groups for two different workouts.  Bill Owens took a group to the boulevard to run quarters on the grass and in the shade.  Essentially to get a little break from the heat.  I stayed at the track with a group to run a lot slower and a lot longer.  Did I mention it was 96 degrees with a 109 heat index?  Boy, did I choose the wrong workout.  The … [Read more...]

2010 Railsplitter & Stovepipe Triathlons

Dave Cox and Steve O'Connor put on another great round of triathlons as part of the Abraham Lincoln Tri Series.  Saturday turned out to be great conditions for racing and the Petersburg venue delivered. Congratulations to everyone that came out to race and support the local races.  Special congrats to Nicole Sommer for her overall win of the Stovepipe and to John Lawyer for his 2nd place finish … [Read more...]

Hills, the way

Last week was again the first Tuesday of the month (boy they come around quickly) so we found ourselves marching down 1st street towrad the cemetery.  There were 12 of us, which seemed huge considering the heat index was 111 deg. (thanks, Buzz).  It was really an impressive group for the conditions as well as the fact that there were at least a couple no-shows due post half-Ironman recoveries.  I … [Read more...]

Full recovery

Last week I was between races and feeling the effects of one while preparing for the effects of another.  I found myself happily taking it quite easy and still getting something in that resembled a track workout.  The rest of the crew (besides Lawyer and myself) ran 800s with a full recovery.  Recovery is a difficult thing to factor in when running a track workout (especially when the guys are … [Read more...]

5 seconds off

Last week's workout was quite the challenge to most that took it on.  It's a workout that seems simple and not all that difficult to run.  It really is one long progression ending in total exhaustion.  From what I remember, I went one lap further than I did last year.  I'm not sure if that's a true sign of my fitness, or more of a luck of the draw with the weather and the timing of the workout … [Read more...]