Eric’s Ironman AZ Race Report

My history with the Ironman distance is an epic failure. I had only attempted the distance once before, at the incredibly difficult IMWI.  I did practically everything wrong in Wisconsin two years ago and I was going to make certain that it didn't happen this time in Arizona.  All season long, while training with Dan Billingsley and Nicole (wife), we focused on pacing via power meters on the bike … [Read more...]

Back to the Track

Last week we had a HUGE group with us in the cemetery!  I think there were 14 of us.  Quite an impressive group for the tail end of winter. The main group is heading to the Track today for a few (i.e. 3) one mile repeats at about 5K pace.  This is going to be used as a tune up for those competing in St.Louis this weekend at the St.Patty's Day 5 miler.  One of our very own members of the lunch … [Read more...]

Oak Ridge Octopus

Rumor has it that hills are in the forecast around lunchtime. With the size of the crowd we had last week, we should have a great group.  12 finishers last week for our 4th annual President's Day 5K was pretty impressive.  Hell, we could rival some of the local 5K attendance numbers.  Plus the weather looks to be fantastic. Meet at 12:00 noon at 1st and Madison.  Today. See you there. … [Read more...]

*Update* – 4th Annual President’s Day 5K

Results for the 4rd Annual Presidents Day 5K February 22, 2011 Mostly Sunny, 34°, 8 mph wind from WNW Race Director: Keith Fanning The 4th annual President's Day 5K.  The event was originally organized to meet the criteria for qualifying for a seeded corral at the Indy Half Marathon.  I know it hasn't been used for that since the first year, but for some reason we've kept the tradition … [Read more...]

Last of Phase II

Today is the last of the Phase II Q2 workouts. I am out for today's workout.  The plan is to run 800m at Interval Pace (I) followed by 3 minutes of jogging for a total of 3 miles.  This workout is quite a bit lighter than the last two week's.  This lead's nicely into a light week before the next Phase of training. I am planning on doing today's workout on the treadmill.  (I know!)  At least my … [Read more...]

Vdot… know it!

Last week we had the typical "End-of-January-and-the-snow-on-the-road-and-the-wind-chill-sucks" skeleton crew.  The numbers are getting slim, but the hardcores are still with us.  And don't forget... Misery loves company. Dan and I had a very specific plan last week regarding pace and distance.  It could have been one of the most well-executed workouts we've done.  Normally our pace is based on … [Read more...]

Serving up the usual for lunch (only more)

Last week we had the typical mid-winter skeleton crew.  I was hoping to be included in the group the didn't show up (mainly due to the 4" of snow) but HB Dan texted me and said simply "We're going!"  So we went.  It was nice to have a guest with us for the workout.  None other than Kyle Monroe.  The guy that went sub-10 hours last year to qualify for Kona.  And then, to prove it wasn't a fluke, … [Read more...]

We get snowed on, not snowed out

I guess even with this snow, it's still on!  12:05 Washington Park. The workout is 800m at I (interval) pace followed by 3 minutes of recovery repeated for a total of 3 miles.  Figure out your Vdot to know your interval pace. … [Read more...]

End of the “off” season = start of the “on” season?

Last Year's season, for me, ended slowly and painfully.  Normally, one big race signifies the climax to a long, often grueling, year of training and racing.  For me, it started early last Winter with some brutally cold riding with Dan followed by some base running miles and then speedwork with the lunch crowd.  It quickly went from ice and snow to melted tar.  The races started and kept on going.  … [Read more...]

Encore… (part two)

I know I said last week that these Tuesday track workouts were quickly coming to an end, but one of our own is in the final weeks of his race finale.  We are heading back to the track to give him companionship (and of course to make him hurt).  That's what we do... push each other until it hurts and then we push some more.  That's why we've all had great races this year.  It's actually been great … [Read more...]