No-Time Trial

The Wednesday New City Time Trial started as usual.  Everyone paid their buck, wrote a number on themselves and were staged.  There was a huge turnout tonight, over 20 people.  The large crowd really makes things more interesting. I was positioned about 5 riders from the back, so I had a lot of carrots in front of me and some really fast rabbits behind me. My goal tonight was to keep my … [Read more...]

The Taste of Blood

I haven't had the taste of blood for a while.  No I am not a vampire, or a prize fighter, I am just the average age grouper trying to push myself.  It was time trial Wednesday, out at the New City course.  Steve Schien of BikeTek graciously orgainized the event.  He and about 25 others came prepared to beat the clock. I have never seen so many disc wheels and aero helmets.  Everyone was testing … [Read more...]