Another 4.5

Another 4.5 inches of freakin' snow fell today.  I am so sick of shoveling the driveway.  Luckily it only took me 45 minutes this time.  Can I call that a workout?  More snow means tomorrow's run is gonna suck.  I am planning for 22 miles tomorrow. I rode the trainer for another 30 minutes today.  I tried to use a slightly bigger gear to get more of a workout.  It was a pretty good ride and … [Read more...]

Wastin’ Time….Not

I was the opposite of the Skid Row song "Wastin' Time" today.  I took advantage of spare time and a beautiful day.  It was 70 degrees and sunny with a pretty hefty south wind.  I was still pretty sore from yesterday's run but I couldn't miss out on the fabulous weather.  I went out for a 4.5 mile jog in shorts and t-shirt.  It felt like I was naked considering I'm used to tights and at least a … [Read more...]

A Little Jog in the Park

Today was key workout #2 for week 9. a 16 mile run at 10% slower the MP. Jason and I headed to east to Washington park, did around 3.5 laps and headed back home. Totaling just over 16.5. I went into the run with the mindset that 16 mile was nothing. After about 5 miles, Thursdays blizzard tempo run set in. This was not going to be an easy day. With temps in the 50s the park was the place … [Read more...]


I was a little nervous going into today's run.  It was supposed to be 16 miles run at 10% slower than marathon pace or about 08:45/mile.  I have been feeling better since my sickness but today was going to be my first long run in a while.  Normally 16 isn't that bad considering the miles we had been putting in but I missed last weekend's 20 mile run and the previous was just 10 miles.  Endurance … [Read more...]


I convinced Danoh to step off the treadmill, take off his dress, and join me outside for a "real" run.  Today we were supposed to do 5, 2 mile intervals.  So, this was going to be an 11 mile mid-week run.  This is a lot for me during the week.  I don't think I've run 11 miles in 1 day during the week that wasn't a holiday.  Plus, I was just started to feel better from my sickness.  It was dark, a … [Read more...]


Trying to get my miles in this week has been difficult.  After the my 20 mile run on Sunday, I rode on Monday and took Tuesday off.  So today, I was able to get 5 miles in on the treadmill.  I kept a 7:30 pace.  I am on my second week of N.O. Expode and Cellmass.  I will say that I have seen a diffences in my performance and my muscle definition.  My weight seems to be holding steady at … [Read more...]

Short and Sweet

3 short and sweet miles on the treadmill today at a 8:00 pace. If we are able to get our long run of 20 on Sunday, that will make 38 for the week. A couple miles over my 90% weekly mileage for the marathon training plan. Over all a great week so far. I really like getting the 10 mile midweek run in. It gave me a little more recovery time. Tomorrow, the bike. … [Read more...]

Feeling Strong

Workout #2 for week 7 (training plan) - I did a warm up of 1 mile.  Then I started my intervals.  I did the first 2 mile interval at 7:30 pace.  I recovered for .5 miles at 8:30 pace.  I tried to improve my second 2 mile interval with a 7:20 pace.  Another .5 mile recovery.  My third and final interval was at 7:00 pace.  I felt pretty good and didn't have any trouble completing it.  I had time and … [Read more...]

Spirit of the Marathon

Spirit of the Marathon debut with a one time showing last night.  The film takes a journey with six people in their preparation for the 2005 Chicago Marathon.  The six people ranged from novice runner to the elite: Ryan Bradley - Boston Hopeful, Leah Caille - First-Time Marathoner, Deena Kastor - 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Jerry Meyers - Four-Time Marathoner, Daniel Njenga - World Class … [Read more...]