15 turns in to 17.5

I met Jason for our long run of 15. It was the perfect January day.  50 degrees and a slight westerly wind.  Jason was running late (no pun intended). So I ended up running toward his house.  I think I ended up with 2 miles in before we met up.  I didn't feel that hot to start, I think I will blame the beers from the previous night...  The miles went by slowly, and that is the worst thing that can … [Read more...]

A Short 3 miles

A short 3 mile today on the treadmile.  I didn't have time for much more.  I covered it with a 8:00 pace.  I felt good, but my legs are a little sore from lifting yesturday.  … [Read more...]

I Drank Beer

Well, you know how it goes, skip a day of traing,  drink some beer and eat some fried food.  I am just upping my glycogen levels for this weekend … [Read more...]

Just Getting Warmed Up

I had about an hour to get my workout in.  I hopped on the trainer for 30 minutes  and then hit the weights with my leg routine.  Overall a good recovery day. … [Read more...]

Treadmill Tempo Run

5 miles on treadmill, 1 mile warm up and 4 miles at tempo (7:30 pace).  I felt pretty good.  I did the warm up at 8:30 pace.  It was a tough workout and I feel like I am making progress.  I am looking forward to the weights and trainer tomorrow. … [Read more...]

5 Miles Easy

A short easy 5 miles on the treadmill today.  I felt awsome 2 days after the long sunday run.  I really think riding yesturday helped. … [Read more...]

Recover on the Trainer

I road for 1hr on the trainer today, trying to recover from sundays long run.  My legs felt pretty good.  Just a little sore in the quads. … [Read more...]

16 Miles @ 16 Degrees

Just over 16 miles today.  Jason and I braved the cold air.  Thank God the wind was only 3 mph out of the NW.  I had a water bottle of accelerade (peach), pack of green sport beans, and  cliff bar.  I wanted to make sure I didn't bonk on my longest run on the coldest day of the year.  It was a progressive run, so the last 4 miles we increase our pace with the last mile at marathon pace (8:00).   I … [Read more...]

Welcome to Hardy Breed

Hardy Breed is nothing new.  But come the new year we hope to start a great new site for the multisport athlete.  Expect some great audio and video podcast to come your way. … [Read more...]