New Chapter

Tuesday speedwork entered a new chapter with the start of track workouts.  Today's workout started at the Springfield HS Track at Noon.  We had a guest star by the name of Bryan Glass show up and show us what it means to run fast.  Luckily Dave was there to escort him around the track.  The first day of track work had all of the facets I wrote about in the last post (although no-one went under the … [Read more...]

Decreasing Recovery

Tuesday's workout was essentially the same as the one run two months prior.  The difference this time wasn't the interval time or the interval pace; it was the recovery time.  One of the keys to interval training has to do with the obvious reason we run intervals... to run fast.  Running intervals makes you run fast.  Period.  We spend a lot of time training our bodies to run fast and to be … [Read more...]

Standard dozen

Even the less than ideal conditions, couldn't keep our standard dozen runners (or so) from showing up to suffer through another Tuesday lunch hour.  There were 12 of us (to be precise) that met at the Park entrance a little past Noon.  The wind was blowing and the clouds were drizzling.  This was to be our third installment of the two-mile time trial.  It really does become quite the perfect gauge … [Read more...]

Octopus – the second coming

Today's run had another great showing...  I preface that with the absence of our three better runners (without naming names... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).  On an upside, we did have a special guest  appearance from Phillip Mitchell.  (He was that soccer player that showed up and ran with us last Summer and kicked our butts.)  Anyway, the group was solid.   We headed towards the cemetery at around … [Read more...]

3 miles… progressive

The workout is set: We are running a 3 mile paced run of progressively faster mile splits.  The plan is to run 6:20, 6:10, 6:00.  The first mile should feel slow and controlled.  We should noticeably pick up the pace at the mile mark and settle in.  The last mile should feel uncomfortable but not out of control.  Obviously, adjust the times accordingly as needed.  Use the half mile marks to adjust … [Read more...]

Quarters X Six

The game plan was to do six downhill quarters in order to get used to running fast.  The idea is that the more you spend at a top end pace, the more your body learns to adapt to that pace and ultimately the more natural it feels.  It's like trying to race the 100 meter dash for the first time with little or no practice.  It feels completely chaotic.  Your motions are random and very inefficient. … [Read more...]

12 minutes without oxygen

Actually, the title is misleading...  they didn't remove the oxygen until the mile mark. The four week cycle has finally made it's full circle and we ran the standard loop 2 mile for time.  We had an average size group for one of our Tuesday workouts.  We started at the usual spot and off we went.  The pace actually felt tolerable during the first few minutes of the run.  Normally this time of … [Read more...]

The Octopus Cometh

It came, it saw... It kicked our butts!  Man, that is a tough workout. We met at 1st street and Madison at noon and proceeded towards the cemetery.  Once we entered the cemetery on Monument boulevard, we head towards the tomb and make that slight right and head downhill.  Once at the bottom we turn right and the 1st hill starts.  It's always good to get that first one out of the way, but man it … [Read more...]

New course record

The 2nd annual President's Day 5k had a record turn-out and two new course records.  The weather played a significant role in running the course.  The wind along with the cold made the day quite uncomfortable.  The wind was soaring out of the South at a consistent 20 mph, which gave us a headwind for over a mile.  The one saving grace on the day from last year, was the lack of any ice or snow on … [Read more...]

Two minutes is a long time.

The plan was to do some form of intervals following last week's time trial.  We decided on doing two minute intervals.  Two minutes at 5k race pace (for some, a bit faster) followed by two minutes of recovery jogging.  We ran through the park clockwise and then exited at Wiggins, down to Outer Park and then returned towards the park on Park St.  We basically followed our 3 mile time trial course. … [Read more...]