old standby

The workout last week was one we have done many times at the track.  The key to running it successfully is to stick to the pace.  It's easy to let your instincts take over and run how you feel.  But this workout forced the exact opposite reaction.  You were forced to hold back when you were fresh and feeling great (and the pace felt easy).  And you were forced to pick it up at the end of the … [Read more...]

First one under our belt

It's always good to get that first track workout of the year under our belt.  But man, did it hurt like hell.  I was actually a little ashamed to announce the first workout of the year: 8 x 400s on the 2:30.  This meant that the interval includes the rest as well.  Last year at one point we did ten of them on the two minutes.  It seemed that the workout should, at the very least, be doable.  After … [Read more...]

Opening Day… Track Season!

We sloshed through some of the worst interval training our group has ever run in.  From bitter wind chills to the most unpredictable road surfaces, we pressed on.  Our times and paces have improved along with the weather.  And now, it's day.  The day we move from the very unpredictable roads to the extremely predictable track.  It's time. I've been away for what seems like a month (though … [Read more...]

Don’t fret, I put Dan in charge

I will be missing today's speed workout at Washington Park.  But don't fret, I put Dan in charge :)  He will also be responsible for the the kool aid stops a the tennis courts and the pond. Same bat time, same bat place.  12:05 corner of MacArthur and Williams. Bring your shorts! … [Read more...]

The Kenyans are coming

The two mile time trial made it's third round this season (already) on Tuesday with another (as predicted) painful loop around the park.  The weather was a near idyllic 60 degrees and little bit of wind.  One of us even ran without a shirt (it wasn't Erin or Leah).  13 of us made it out to the park for the run and the improvements in the fitness of the group are starting to show.  The times were … [Read more...]

“false flat”

The workout rotation called for intervals and after talking to Bill, it was decided that the gradual uphill was the flavor of the day.  After mentioning it to Lawyer, he referred to it as a measly "false flat", but after 6 of them it became quite the hill.  We had probably the largest group we've ever had with us for a Tuesday workout at around 15 runners.  It was great to see so many people show … [Read more...]

Hill We Come

The title is appropriate for both last week's workout and this week's upcoming workout.  Last week was the infamous stair workout.  I say "infamous" because it scared nearly everyone away.  Our normal group of 10-12 was reduced to a mere 6.  I guess the mention of lactic acid mixed with hot dry air in a stairwell beforehand was not the best approach.  I'll be more tactful next time.  Either way, … [Read more...]


Today’s 3rd Annual President’s Day 5k was a success.  I would have normally added “Huge Success” but the wind and the road conditions (as usual) were a big factor.  We tied our largest ever field size with 9 finishers.  Everyone seemed pleased for it to be over.  I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that I’ll be glad when we no longer have to contend with the conditions outside.  Great … [Read more...]

Speed Skating

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) the weather has been wrecking havoc on our Tuesdays.  I’m not sure we’ve actually had a decent day of speedwork due to the conditions on the road or in the air.  I don’t remember it ever being like this. The 2 mile time trial made it’s second showing and was as painful as usual (I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be).  We had a really good sized group … [Read more...]

Controlled Effort (sorta)

Last week's workout was our first foray into a controlled tempo pace for the season.  With such a low turnout our plan went from two groups of different paces to just one group of the fast pace.  (all of my kudos to the great turnout of the girls has vanished)  Our all boys group briefly went over the route and decided on our goal pace.  It was planned that we would run a 6:30, 6:15 and a 6:00 … [Read more...]