New City Time Trial Results for June 8, 2011

Wow, what a huge turnout tonight-36 riders-our largest group yet! I thought the 95 degree temp would cut the crowd some! I’m glad everyone came out & I’m sorry for the delay in starting-It was about 6:20 before we got rolling. Thanks to Alyssa for learning my job as timer! There were 4 new riders- welcome Mark Birtch, Emily Scanurra, Craig Timson & Becky Smith! Good to see some faces from the past, too & a couple of guys on fixed-gear bikes! Remember, you can see all of these results & more at

Results from June 8th, 2011

Hot & moderately humid at 95 degrees, wind from the SW at 14mph & clear skies, a bit hazy.

Bette Chesser        27:26
Dee Wise             30:13
Lisa Kidd            30:41
Emily Scanurra       31:50
Marilyn Powell       32:09
Emily Chesser        33:07
Becky Smith          35:49
Lois Jazo            35:57

Jake Buescher        24:36
Andy Lister          24:40
Dan Billingsley      25:34
Lance Kidd           26:42
Scott Robinson       27:01
Mark Shea            27:12
Bette Chesser        27:26
John Hulcher         27:55
Jeff Williams        28:20
Tom Chesser          28:26
Mike Vonnahmen       28:29
Trevor Lister        28:31
Kenny Vennell        29:21
Jason Beeler         29:30
Brian Albrecht       29:53
Mick McGlasson       29:59
Nick Fogleman        30:00
Tim Shotts           30:05 on a fixed gear!
Dee Wise             30:13
Lisa Kidd            30:41
Dan Eichinger        30:42
Bob Brandon          30:43
William Henebry      0:46 on a fixed gear
Mark Birtch          31:08
Clay Crocker         31:19
Kirk Romanotto       31:43
Emily Scanurra       31:50
Marilyn Powell       32:09
Peter Wise           32:11
Dave Wooten          32:14
Jacob Brandon        32:38
Neil Glessner        32:45
Emily Chesser        33:07
Craig Timson         34:18
Becky Smith          35:49
Lois Jazo            35:57

See you out here in 2 weeks!
Steve Schien

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