New City Time Trial Results for August 3, 2011

We had another really great night at New City! The temp finally dropped a little, but it was pretty humid. There were 34 riders, including 5 new riders: Welcome Bert Barlow, Brad Schwab, Greg Huntley, Tom Selby & the Para-team of John Nelson & Jeremy Morgan! John & Jeremy raced in the Stone Man sprint triathlon last weekend as their first event-Channel 20 & the State Journal-Register recently covered their story-great to see you guys in action! Remember, you can always see the New City results & much more at

Results from August 3rd, 2011

Ladies: Time
Nicole Sommer              26:53
Dee Wise                   27:44
Lisa Kidd                  28:51
Emily Scanurra             29:44
Brigitte Cutler            30:25
Becky Smith                34:11
Jenni Gardner              34:30
Lois Jazo                  35:20
Leigh Anne Horvath         39:06

Rob Brokaw                 23:19 PR
Andy Lister                23:51
Eric Sommer                24:44
Adam Sergent               25:13 PR
Lance Kidd                 25:33 PR
Tim Shotts                 26:07 PR
Mark Shea                  26:11
Nicole Sommer              26:53 PR
Jeff Williams              27:02
Steve Schien               27:22 PR
Kenny Vennell              27:29 PR
Dee Wise                   27:44 PR
Michael Dwyer              27:47
Nick Fogleman              28:18 PR
Mike Scott                 28:20 PR
Peter Wise                 28:41 PR
Lisa Kidd                  28:51
Clay Crocker               29:11 PR
Eric Wise                  29:22 PR
Emily Scanurra             29:44 PR
Brad Schwab                29:52
Brigitte Cutler            30:25
Greg Huntley               30:26
Craig Timson               30:46 PR
TJ Schlouski               31:54 PR
Tom Selby                  33:51
Bert Barlow                33:58
Josh Billington            34:02
Becky Smith                34:11 PR
Jenni Gardner              34:30
Lois Jazo                  35:20
Mike Vonnahmen             35:35
Leigh Anne Horvath         39:06
Jeremy Morgan              42:27

See you in 2 weeks!
Steve Schien

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