Abe’s Amble 2011

HardyBreed made it out for another great race at the Illinois State Fair.  This time for Abe’s Amble.  Close to a thousand participated in this challenging 10k course, with Brian “The Glass-man” Glass taking the victory for the 7th year in a row.  A big thanks to Tom Kulmacz for shooting photos which are free for the taking once again.

[Abe’s Amble 2011 Photos]  [Abe’s Amble 2011 Results]

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  1. chuck klyber says:

    You do one helluva job on these photos, that takes talent.

    how do I order 2 copies of a photo from page 15, bib 167, chuck klyber 741-7058 Time: 1:28:40

    • Hi Chuck, Find your photo, and click on it. Then select the photo and open the actions menu, then click the ‘”View all Sizes” link inside the menu. On the next page, choose the size you want to download and click the link in the “Download” section.

  2. hey Hardybreed!! Always look forward to your photos race after race year after year. You make running in the Springfield area a treat !! Thanks for all your hard work. Sites great. and staff is spot on !!

  3. Thanks again for awesome photos!