I Alone

Another title from one of my top 5 bands.  "I Alone" describes my run today.  I am heading to Dallas on Friday so I decided to flip-flop workouts and do workout #2 today instead of #1.  I had the day off and knew I wouldn't be able to run 22 miles over the weekend. It had snowed the day before but the temperature was rising slowly.  Which was good and bad.  The good news was that the snow was … [Read more...]

Another 4.5

Another 4.5 inches of freakin' snow fell today.  I am so sick of shoveling the driveway.  Luckily it only took me 45 minutes this time.  Can I call that a workout?  More snow means tomorrow's run is gonna suck.  I am planning for 22 miles tomorrow. I rode the trainer for another 30 minutes today.  I tried to use a slightly bigger gear to get more of a workout.  It was a pretty good ride and … [Read more...]

Wastin’ Time….Not

I was the opposite of the Skid Row song "Wastin' Time" today.  I took advantage of spare time and a beautiful day.  It was 70 degrees and sunny with a pretty hefty south wind.  I was still pretty sore from yesterday's run but I couldn't miss out on the fabulous weather.  I went out for a 4.5 mile jog in shorts and t-shirt.  It felt like I was naked considering I'm used to tights and at least a … [Read more...]


I was a little nervous going into today's run.  It was supposed to be 16 miles run at 10% slower than marathon pace or about 08:45/mile.  I have been feeling better since my sickness but today was going to be my first long run in a while.  Normally 16 isn't that bad considering the miles we had been putting in but I missed last weekend's 20 mile run and the previous was just 10 miles.  Endurance … [Read more...]


I convinced Danoh to step off the treadmill, take off his dress, and join me outside for a "real" run.  Today we were supposed to do 5, 2 mile intervals.  So, this was going to be an 11 mile mid-week run.  This is a lot for me during the week.  I don't think I've run 11 miles in 1 day during the week that wasn't a holiday.  Plus, I was just started to feel better from my sickness.  It was dark, a … [Read more...]


I'm starting to feel better.  I rode the trainer today for about 30 minutes while watching the Tennessee/Vanderbilt game.  It was easier to turn the pedals but I still feel way behind.  Tomorrow is a big day. … [Read more...]


Well, it was 1.5 miles longer than yesterday's run.  I ran 4.5 miles today in pretty good conditions.  It was still light when I got back and I had a tailwind home.  I did have to walk twice but whose counting?  I can feel myself improving, thankfully. … [Read more...]


Due to conflicting schedules I wasn't able to run with Danoh today.  He left too early for me.  Lucky for him I didn't join him.  I am feeling like crap today.  I was only able to make it 3 miles today.  That's 17 miles short of my goal, ouch!.  Plus, I felt dizzy the entire time.  I would have only held him back.  When will this sickness end.  I am starting to panic because of my sinking fitness. … [Read more...]


It is my 4th day on antibiotics.  I am undiagnosed but the antibiotics have helped tremendously.  Since my last post I have missed 1.5 days of work and haven't worked out since last Sunday.  Physically I am feeling better but cardiovascularly I feel rotten.  I am worried about the run tomorrow (20 miler) so I felt like I had to exercise a little today to get my body used to exercising again.  I … [Read more...]


After my 10 mile, race tempo run I was a little tired.  Today I felt like I might be getting some sort of sickness as my joints were beginning to ache or it could just have been the run.  In any event, it was too nasty outside to run so I rode the trainer today for 30 minutes.  I followed it up with my standard crunches and dumbbell presses on the therapy ball.  I did start and end the trainer … [Read more...]