Rocky Weekend

All the other rabbits doing Ironman Wisconsin seem to have some kind of training regimen.  I, on the other hand, am going into my training and racing completely ad lib.  So I thought this Saturday I should just put in a long brick. I woke up at 04:45 to fuel up for today's ride.  My plan was to leave the house by 05:15 but it was still pretty dark so I waited until 05:30.  It was still dusky … [Read more...]

Man buys Floyd Landis’ bike at yard sale

 The bicycle had two flat tires, but Greg Estes figured the $5 asking price still made it a great bargain at a yard sale. Little did he know just how great. … [Read more...]

SMTD buses to add bike racks

A step in the direction of promoting a healthy lifestyle and a greener Earth, Springfield Mass Transit Buses will soon be getting bike racks.   A refreshing program in an otherwise biker unfriendly city. … [Read more...]

“You don’t know pain until you’ve had a stalactite in your cock”

This story was previously posted in Random Distractions but the quote of the century was not printed.  These are the words of Lewis Pugh who completed a swim at the base of Mt. Everest.  The swim produced a previously unknown condition involving a urine icicle.  See the video of the swim (not the stalactite) here. … [Read more...]

Steelhead 70.3 Ironman……Redemption

For all the things that went wrong in this race it was amazing how well it turned out for me. WRONG: 1)  The rain started as soon as we left the hotel and didn't let up until I got on the bike.  This meant we set up our transition in the rain, waited for the start in the rain, and did all the preparation in the rain.  After a while I didn't even try to keep things dry.  My clothes, transition … [Read more...]

Iron Abe…….Bust

It could have been the 14,000 feet of climbing I did earlier in the week.  It could have been the humidity.  It could have been the travel from the day before.  It could have been blah, blah, blah. It could have been a lot of excuses but the truth is my legs were heavy and I just didn't have it for this year's Iron Abe.  My time was slower than last year but my training has been better than … [Read more...]

SportsCare Women’s Biathlon Education Fair & Early Sign-Up

Memorial’s SportsCare will hold an Education Fair and early Sign-Up Event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Saturday for the third annual Women’s Biathlon later this Fall. I encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity. The education fair will be at SportsCare, 100 Chatham Road. It will be the last opportunity to receive a $5 discount off the registration fee. Other highlights … [Read more...]

New City Time Trial Results for July 7, 2010

We had another great night: 26 riders (including 6 new people), the rain held off again, tailwind return leg, several new PR’s were set, what could be better? Welcome back Jason Fergurson & Steve Stone! Say hello to the following new riders the next time you see them: Rob Yogger, Nicole Sommer, Peter Wise, Luke Perko, Don Mallette & Andy Meyerholz! Thanks for coming out & we hope to … [Read more...]

Hey, Do You Have Any Pills?

No, it's not what your thinking?  Dan and I have many addictions, "acid, grass, downs, and speed" (to quote Soul Asylum) are not one of them.  We are addicted to multisport.  More importantly we are addicted to Endurolytes (Hammer Nutrition).  Endurolytes are electrolyte replacement supplements that come in pill form.  The pills are shaped suspiciously so when taken in public you look like a pill … [Read more...]

Woman swimming 981-mile Ohio River

Mimi Hughes is swimming the 981-mile Ohio River.  She is averaging 20 miles per day (10-11 hours) with a break every 90 minutes. … [Read more...]