Speed Skating

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) the weather has been wrecking havoc on our Tuesdays.  I’m not sure we’ve actually had a decent day of speedwork due to the conditions on the road or in the air.  I don’t remember it ever being like this. The 2 mile time trial made it’s second showing and was as painful as usual (I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be).  We had a really good sized group … [Read more...]

Controlled Effort (sorta)

Last week's workout was our first foray into a controlled tempo pace for the season.  With such a low turnout our plan went from two groups of different paces to just one group of the fast pace.  (all of my kudos to the great turnout of the girls has vanished)  Our all boys group briefly went over the route and decided on our goal pace.  It was planned that we would run a 6:30, 6:15 and a 6:00 … [Read more...]

Holy Cramp!!

The octopus turned out to be hugely popular.  Especially considering the fact that it was mid-January and we have NEVER run the octopus that early in our training before.  There were probably a dozen or so of us that showed up at 1st and Madison at Noon.  Andy made his first appearance of the year and Lance made his first ever (rough day to make it your first).  What's impressed me the most about … [Read more...]

Headin’ for the hills

The 2 mile time trial had a great turnout considering the road conditions in the park (i.e. terrible) and the colder temps.  Everyone seemed to suffer through it just fine and it was nice to finally have a real benchmark for the 2010 season.  Nowhere to go but up! Next week we are heading to Oakridge Cemetery for the dreaded Octopus!  We are meeting at the NW corner of First and Madison at … [Read more...]

Happy New Season!

Another season is upon us.  As I look back on the season that just ended, I realize it was pretty much a wash all around.  Apart from the fact that it truly got me out on the bike and somewhat back in the pool, it was nothing but frustration with injuries.  It was never really bad enough to put me on my butt in front of the TV, but then again... maybe that would have been best.  It always was … [Read more...]

Nike Cross National Championships

Boys race of the Nike Cross Country Championships.  Amazing Finish! http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?do=view&video_id=17988 … [Read more...]

The “Off” Season

This has been shamelessly taken from the very enlightening and entertaining blog of Chuckie V.  He once raced here in Springfield back in the mid-90s.  He was just as funny back then, only with better hair.  The below excerpt is very pertinent to the foursome in the most recent podcast. (The four suckers with an Ironman on their schedule)  So... without further ado: "Off" Season … [Read more...]

Any Given Tuesday

We are a strange bunch.  We give up our lunch hours to essentially hurt ourselves every week (some every day).  We suffer through the Winter days of slush and snow and muck to get a head start on the early season training.  We ramp it up by switching from the roads to the track for intervals.  We suffer through the heat of the Noon sun to get faster.  And then, sure enough... it happens.  Someone … [Read more...]

One Long Acceleration

I will start by filling everyone in on last week's workout.  Another Lunch With(out) Eric.  The last few workouts have been geared towards a sub-5:00 mile which we will get to at the end of this post.  A few runners have gotten the late season bug to make a push for a sub-5:00 mile.  The truth is... it's always a good time of year to attempt it.  The elusive standard by which most all of us … [Read more...]

Sam Pilgrim lands first ever flat drop front flip

The latest new move from the British dirt jump star is the flat drop front flip, which looks as insane as it sounds. Check out the video below. … [Read more...]