One Mullet Brick

After a successful brick last Saturday, Jason and thought we would try it one more time before the big race next weekend.  We headed out west on the bikes at 5:00.  (Is12hr format ok with you?)  It was one of those days where you couldn't tell where the wind was coming from.  I am guessing there was little or none. We did a moderate pace on the way out pushing 24-26mph and slowing down to 21 on … [Read more...]

Half Asleep

My day began around 0430 this morning.  I got up, made a pot of coffee, and then began a pilates workout half asleep.  Pilates is great because, you are stretching, and working the core.  I didn't get up so early just for fun, I had to be at work at 0600 for a staff meeting.  When work was finished, I feeling the early morning.  I was feeling lethargic, but drove to the park anyway.  I started … [Read more...]

Staying Motivated

Episode 011 Daylights Savings Time is on our door step. Dan and Jason talk about staying motivated this winter in a short and easy episode. Lance Armstrong, The Monster, The Hot to Trot, and Dean Karnazes... (Don't forget the post show chitchat) Stick around for the next 20 minutes you'll be glad you did. Visit the Store   This episode is also available through … [Read more...]

ABD Fall Fling

Team Mack Racing's Elite Masters put in a dominant appearance at the final event of the racing season, the four stage ABD Fall Fling. In Stage1, the Westlake Road Race for Masters 40+ in Rockford, Illinois was won on a late attack by John Fleckenstein. Gary Doering picked up the bronze medal by finishing second in the field sprint. Mark Shea established a top ten position in the series by … [Read more...]

Titan Trek for Tech

Run for the "Fund" of It Saturday, October 18, 2008 – 8:00 a.m. South Park, Chatham The Ball-Chatham Educational Foundation is sponsoring a 5km running event to raise money for technology in the classrooms of the Ball-Chatham School District. We have several sponsorship packages available and hope you can support the District as we modernize our classroom tools and technology. EARLY … [Read more...]

High-n-Tri and Jimmy Johns

My morning started off early, taking the kids school, and coming back for a morning weight session.  After a some heaving lifting, I took to the road for 6.5 miles of easy running. After the run I cleaned up and had to head up to Chicago.  Libertyville to be exact.  I took a short detour through Arlington Heights.  I had to stop by the Runners High and Tri.  This is the place The Age … [Read more...]


"Eat when hungry, sleep when tired".  The zen triathlete says this all the time in his podcasts.  Well, I eat when I can, and sleep as little as possible.  Not very zen... but I did get up early this morning and do yoga.  A little looser today, and I definitely felt more "zen" during my day.  After work I went to Fc and did 1600 powerzone.  Great bicep work today.  I hustled from the club to … [Read more...]


Going back to my post a week or two ago, I have decided to work on my flexibility.  My bike is gone, and the treadmill is unaccessible in the a.m., so I got up this morning and did an a.m. yoga routine.  I couldn't believe how stiff I was.  Yesterday's long run played a part in this I'm sure.  I need to incorporate this in to my morning routine.  Yoga, coffe, shower, work.  After work, I went … [Read more...]

Ironman World Championship

Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life! See the History behind Ironman The 30th anniversary of Ironman.  The World Championship is Saturday October 11, 2008.   It looks like race coverage will air on NBC Saturday December 13, 2:30 - 3 PM Central.  That is still some time away, so I would suggest checking the Ironman website for the latest race … [Read more...]


I woke up this morning to my long run calling my name.  The weather was perfect.  I cherish my long runs.  I did a reverse of my 10 mile 2 weeks ago.  I started running through the park first, up to fit club, through the neighbor hoods, and back home via Washington.  I didn't feel bad, but my legs did feel tired.  I'm sure it's from Saturdays race.  I made it home, finishing with 12 miles, despite … [Read more...]